Jane Stacy

Monday, November 3, 2008

Jane Stacy received a well-deserved moment in the spotlight during Southeast Missouri State University's Homecoming events last weekend. After helping to organize Homecoming for 35 years, she was recognized with an Alumni Merit Award and was selected to serve as the parade's grand marshal. A reception in her honor drew quite a crowd.

Stacy retired this year as director of alumni services, a position she had held since the year after she received a degree from Southeast. Along the way, she has contributed significantly to the growth and development of the university. Her successor as alumni director, Shad Burner, estimates she has raised millions of dollars for new buildings and scholarships.

The Charleston, Mo., native has made many contributions to her community as well. One of her biggest assets is her Southeast Missouri charm and friendliness. It is hard to believe Jane Stacy has met very many individuals who weren't instant friends.

Stacy is continuing to help Southeast as the part-time director of development for special projects. Many of us who work full-time might be hard-pressed to keep up with a half-time Jane Stacy.

Stacy has earned every tribute she received during the Homecoming festivities. We are pleased to add our hearty congratulations.

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