Seniors take rightful place at end of Activity Week

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Sell. Sell. Sell. Everyone sell. Sell everything from candy bars to mums.

The students at Notre Dame Regional High School began the gigantic fund-raising effort known as "Activity Week" on Sept. 17.

Each class competes to see who can raise the most money. The week started when everyone in the school came together to find out what the theme would be.

Last year Brother David came out riding a lawn mower to the song "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy," to indicate that the theme would be the "Country Music Awards." But this year he came out singing the song "Summer Lovin'" and wearing his leather jacket.

If that wasn't enough of a clue, let me explain that the theme this year was "Grease." The teachers sang through the rules and directions of the week and ended with driving in a car called "Grease Lightning."

They told us that every time we made our quota we would have a chance to win that car.

Everyone left the assembly excited and ready to sell, some of us more than others. The freshman class, being new to the whole experience, immediately went home and began to work. It was very obvious that they had raised the most money. It went on the whole week with the underclassmen being in the lead when it came to funds raised -- but not when it came to spirit. We seniors had the most spirit. The class did cheers and chants and really drove the underclassmen to participate in the assemblies.

The senior class is supposed to win Activity Week, and it would be a complete and total letdown to everyone if they did not. But on the day before the competition was over it was not the seniors who were in the lead.

To end the weeklong fund raiser, a dance was held, and the class that raised the most money would crown their class' candidates king and queen of Activity Week.

Many service projects took place on that last day before all the seniors turned in the final funds. Now we waited to see if it would be enough to pull our class through to a win. And that night at the dance we were glad to hear that Emily Bira would be our "queen B" and Paul Anderson would be our king.

The senior class had done it, we had won Activity Week! We also brought in the most money ever for a senior class during Activity Week!

Amber Karnes is a senior at Notre Dame Regional High School.

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