Scott County Commission, District 2 -- Donnie Kiefer

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Name: Donnie Kiefer

Party: Democratic

Date of Birth: March 15, 1959, Cape Girardeau

Spouse, children: Mary Ann Kiefer; Morgan Swinford, 25, Mallory, 22, Madelyn, 18, Bailey McCormick, 18

Occupation: Mechanic/small business owner

Employer: self

Businesses owned by candidate or spouse, all or in part: Kiefer's Service Station

Public offices held: Chaffee Park Board past president; Chaffee Police Commission, board member; Chaffee R-II Board of Education president.

Past political campaigns and offices sought: Chaffee Board of Education; State Representative

Question 1: What is the most important issue facing the Second District Commissioner?

Answer: I feel the biggest issue or challenge, if you will, is the current financial crisis that will trickle down to our local government.

Question 2: What in your background or education makes you qualified for this office?

Answer: I have almost 30 years of experience in owning and operating a small business. I am continually educating myself on the challenges Scott County is facing.

Question 3: Why are you better qualified than your opponent?

Answer: I was raised in Scott County and have lived and worked here my entire life. Both my wife and I have deep roots in Scott County. Through my involvement in many civic activities and organizations, I have built strong relationships with many people in the area. I think I have a strong sense of what the people of this county want and need. I am genuine and sincere when I say I want to be the next commissioner for Scott County.

Question 4: Scott County faces a loss of revenue with an expiration of the sales tax dedicated to law enforcement. What steps should be taken to ensure proper protection for Scott County residents and adequate funding for the jail?

Answer: Yes, the lost revenue from the sales tax expiration does hurt the county. It is my understanding that the county is resurrecting the sales tax initiative to be placed on the ballot sometime in 2009. This is an issue that, if elected in November, I would most likely support. My support of the sales tax initiative would hinge on the feedback (pro or con) that I receive from the county residents.

Question 5: Funds available for improvements of county roads is also reported to be short. What steps should be taken to get the most value from the dollars available?

Answer: Unlike the funds for law enforcement, the funds for road improvements are always there. The funding stays the same. The challenge that we face is the rising cost of materials, machinery, etc. We must establish a spending plan and follow it. It will call for being frugal until we can get an upper hand on the road projects needing to be completed. Working together and being on the same page will be my No. 1 priority.

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