Missouri House, 158th District -- Robert Roland

Sunday, November 2, 2008
Robert Roland

Name: Robert Roland

Party: Libertarian

Birth: June 17, 1940, Poplar Bluff, Mo.

Spouse, children: Lorene Roland; none

Occupation: Environmental consultant

Employer: Self-employed

Businesses owned by candidate or spouse, all or in part: Roland & Associates

Public offices held: None

Past political campaigns and offices sought: None

Question 1: What is the most important issue facing the 158th District?

Answer: The most important issue facing Cape Girardeau is reducing the tax burden of its citizens. To do this, we must defeat Proposition A.

Question 2: What in your background or education makes you qualified for this office?

Answer: Living in the Cape area for 30-plus years gives me insight into the area, and being a business manager and self-employed person for 18 years gives me the experience.

Question 3: Why are you better qualified than your opponent?

Answer: I bring a unique perspective to the office. I am a consultant; I evaluate problems and come up with solution. That solution is not going to be spend more, tax more, which is what is being done now.

Question 4: In 2005, lawmakers voted to restrict eligibility for Medicaid as a cost-cutting measure, resulting in 100,000 removed from the Medicaid rolls. The state currently has a surplus. Should eligibility be restored to its previous level or any other steps taken to expand health coverage to more Missourians?

Answer: Yes, but more studies need to be done to make sure it doesn't happen again. Funding for this program is going to grow and must be addressed.

Question 5: Do you support using state resources to allow parents to choose to send their child to any school, public or private?

Answer: Yes. Some of the state resources come from the parents so they should have the right to use some of it, if they feel it is best for their children.

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