Missouri Senate, 27th District -- Linda Sanders

Sunday, November 2, 2008
Linda Sanders

Name: Linda Sanders

Party: Democratic

Birth: Cape Girardeau

Spouse, children: George, deceased; five grown children

Occupation: Retired

Public offices held: Chairwoman of State Democrat Committee; secretary of the Democrat Central Committee

Past political campaigns and offices sought: None

Question 1: What is the most important issue facing the 27th Senate District?

Answer: The economy: Bringing jobs to Missouri and working in harmony with the General Assembly.

Question 2: What in your background or education makes you qualified for this office?

Answer: I am a retired cosmetologist with two years of college. I worked several years serving the elderly, disabled Missourians as a nurse aide and providing in-home services. I have always had the kind of jobs that require one-on-one contact, and I understand what people need. I have been a widow for 22 years, raised five children and have been my parents' caregiver for many years. I know how to manage a household budget and I understand priorities.

Question 3: Why are you better qualified than your opponent?

Answer: I am better qualified because I don't need a job. I want to help Missourians. My opponent works for himself; I will work for the people. I have been married and have a family. My opponent is single and can't possibly understand what families need. He works for lobbyists and self-interest. I have the ability to resist lobbyists unless it benefits the people of Missouri.

Question 4: Should Missouri restore eligibility for Medicaid to the 2005 levels. Why or why not?

Answer: Yes, Missouri should restore funding to the 2005 levels. I have a conscience and I will answer to God for not caring for the needy as he commanded in the Bible. There is no good reason why the cuts were made. Matt Blunt and Peter Kinder wanted to build new sports stadiums in St. Louis and Kansas City. Which is more important, health care for all of God's children or more sports stadiums? May God help us to get priorities in the right order.

There would be fewer abortions if young women had access to health care to receive prenatal care. I think it is a human right to have health care from the "womb to the tomb."

Question 5: What measures would have the most benefit for attracting new jobs to Missouri?

Answer: The Missouri Clean Energy Initiative, which is Proposition C, would bring new jobs to Missouri if it is passed. It has been projected that 45,000 new jobs would be created and that would give a boost to Missouri's rural and urban economies. Our infrastructure is in need of renovation. We need to find new ways of obtaining money to replace 59 outdated one-lane bridges and repair hundreds of others. I read MoDOT has a plan of proposing new bond interest. This, too, would bring in hundreds of jobs if the bond effort is passed for roads and bridges.

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