Scott County Commission, District 2 -- Ron McCormick

Sunday, November 2, 2008
Ron McCormick

Name: Ron McCormick

Party: Republican

Date of Birth: Aug. 27, 1957, East St. Louis, Ill. (Parents resided in Chaffee, Mo.)

Spouse, children: Mindy McCormick; Adam, 30, Brandon, 26, Hanna McDonald, 22, Bailey McCormick, 18

Occupation: Business Owner

Businesses owned by candidate or spouse, all or in part: A&B Cleaners, M&M Development and Land Management, Concrete Alternative Technology (CAT)

Public offices held: 2nd District Commissioner, January 2007-present

Past political campaigns and offices sought: none

Question 1: What is the most important issue facing the Second District Commissioner?

Answer: Continuing the level of service (including law enforcement) in an environment of decreasing available revenue.

Question 2: What in your background or education makes you qualified for this office?

Answer: A bachelor's degree from Southeast Missouri State University has provided me with a broad base of knowledge. I expanded on that foundation through work in wide variety of areas. This diversity gives me insight into the various needs of the direct offices and departments of county government. I have started and operated several successful business. My entrepreneurial spirit gives me the drive and courage to test nontraditional options while my business experience helps me balance risk with sound conservative business practices. I have the wisdom to know that I am not an expert in all issues. I seek out the advice of those who are expert in their field before making decisions which affect the constituents.

Question 3: Why are you better qualified than your opponent?

Answer: For almost two years, I have worked with each of the departments and offices of the county to learn their strengths and the challenges they face. I dedicated countless hours working hand-in-hand with county employees to ensure a thorough knowledge of the intricacies of their positions. I have meet with officials of the communities I represent to ensure open, honest lines of communication between the county and its cities and villages. I have met many of the residents of the second district to discuss their concerns and have worked tirelessly to provide assistance. I have never been willing to accept "that's the way we've always done it" or "we've never done it that way before" as justification for a decision.

Question 4: Scott County faces a loss of revenue with an expiration of the sales tax dedicated to law enforcement. What steps should be taken to ensure proper protection for Scott County residents and adequate funding for the jail?

Answer: The solution I propose is a three point approach: First, I support an effort to pass an 8-year half-cent sales tax for Scott County. We know that the expenses of law enforcement will continue well beyond this period but the sunset provision will force our successors to re-evaluate the efficiency of this tax. Second, I propose abatement of the county portion of property tax for the same 8-year period. The sales tax will allow visitors to Scott County who share in the benefits of law enforcement to also share in its cost. Abatement of property taxes will shift our tax burden from an ownership basis to a usage basis. Third, we must examine carefully the budget of each department and office to ensure maximum efficiency. Just as each household must tighten its belt and look at each dollar spent, our county government must take similar steps.

Question 5: Funds available for improvements of county roads is also reported to be short. What steps should be taken to get the most value from the dollars available?

Answer: With the increase in petroleum prices, we saw astronomical increases in asphalt prices and in equipment fuel prices. I do and will continue to evaluate alternatives for each project proposed. Alternative materials, methods and equipment will be evaluated to help stretch each dollar. Cost/benefit analysis will be the key to ensuring efficiency.

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