Scott County Coroner -- Charles Huey

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Name: Charles M. Huey

Party: Republican

Date of Birth: Sept. 24, 1984; Sikeston, Mo.

Spouse, children: None

Occupation: Student and small business owner

Employer: Self

Businesses owned: Huey's Taxi Co.

Public offices held: Planning and Zoning Commission, Chaffee, Mo.

Past political campaigns and offices sought: Chaffee City Council

Question 1: What is the most important issue facing the Scott County Coroner?

Answer: The most important issue that is facing the coroner's office is that it needs to be brought up to the 21st century and run like a business. For the last 30 years the office of coroner has been held by funeral home directors and has been taken out of the courthouse. I believe that we need new technology and training to be better prepared for the coroner's office to help the sheriff's office in examining crime scenes.

Question 2: What in your background or education makes you qualified for this office?

Answer: My educational background that would make me better qualified for the office of coroner is that I have been taught by a doctor of pathology in the field of forensic pathology and forensic sciences. The state of Missouri's qualifications for the coroner are to be at least 21 years of age and have at least six months' residence in the county in which you wish to preside. If I am elected I will also have a former New Jersey Highway State patrolman as my chief assistant.

Question 3: Why are you better qualified than your opponent?

Answer: I believe that I am better qualified for the position then my opponent because I care more about the people then for the business that the office of coroner would bring to myself. I feel that if a person's mother, daughter, grandmother, grandfather or father passes away that it is a member my family that has passed away, and I will treat them in their time of need like my own family member.

Question 4: Do you propose any steps that would make the coroner's office more efficient?

Answer: I would propose three steps to make the coroner's office more efficient and cost-effective. My first step would be on the day I take office to be a full-time county officer working nonstop to find ways to make the coroner's office more effective. For the past 25 years my opponent has been a part-time coroner, and no county office-holder can be part-time employee for the people of this county. The second step would be to work with the DARE program and the sheriff's office more to show the children in Scott County what drugs do to a person and their family and I would hope that this would help to keep more children off drugs. The third step would be to work with the state of Missouri and the dederal government in getting grants for the coroner's office, and maybe in five years get a Scott County Crime Lab without asking the taxpayers of Scott County to fund this project.

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