Letter to the Editor

Vote no on Proposition A

Sunday, November 2, 2008

To the editor,

As a lifelong resident of Missouri, I encourage all Missourians to vote no on Proposition A because it:

Is not about schools. It is about casinos.

Is confusing and misleading.

Would permit 130,000 convicted felons, sex offenders and problem gamblers to enter casinos.

Does away with Missouri's $500 loss limit.

Creates a monopoly among the existing Missouri casinos.

Overstates revenue for schools based on manipulated data.

Requires unfunded audits of casinos.

Missouri newspapers say:

Springfield News-Leader: "Is Prop A the Tony Soprano of Ballot Measures?"

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "Prop A Has Issues"

Kansas City Star: "Casinos blundered on Prop A"

Jefferson City Tribune: "Vote 'no on deceitful Proposition A"

Columbia Daily Tribune: "School Groups Cool to Prop A: Educators Disinterested in 'Schools First'"

Southeast Missourian: "Proposition A is too confusing"

Joplin Globe: "Written by casinos, for casinos"

Don't be fooled by the casinos $15 million ad campaign. Missouri law enforcement, religious groups, legislators and both gubernatorial candidates are against Proposition A. Likewise, Missouri teachers and school superintendents are suspect of the foundation formula change.

Your no vote on Nov. 4 is the right thing to do for Missouri.

DAVID B. KNIGHT, Cape Girardeau