Speak Out A 10/04/04

Monday, October 4, 2004

Turn up the heat

IT'S NOT time to stop criticizing Dan Rather. It is time to put the heat on CBS for allowing someone who is supposed to be a journalist to continue working even after this despicable incident with the forged documents. CBS did the right thing with Connie Chung. Now it is time to do the right thing with Rather. No wonder network news viewership is shrinking rapidly.

Attack the enemy

THOSE DRAWING parallels between 9-11 and Pearl Harbor tell us more about their ignorance than anything else. Pearl Harbor was perpetrated by Japan, and it was with Japan that a war was fought. 9-11 was perpetrated by Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida. The war is being fought against Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9-11. After Pearl Harbor the U.S. did not attack Indonesia but focused on the source of the attack. The Iraq war is unjust and a waste of American and Iraqi lives.

Great music festival

I ATTENDED the City of Roses Music Festival this past weekend and would like to congratulate the event's coordinators on a job well done. This is a great venue for local musicians to showcase their talents, and all of them put on a great show. Even young musicians such as Last Day Fighting and Yellowment were given the opportunity to perform and played very well. Great event. I hope next year's version is just as good.

Freedom to criticize

IN REPLY to the comment from the person in Iraq: You say that you want us to stop talking about how bad it is there. As Americans, we have the very important freedom to talk about anything we want to, no matter who likes it or not. This is one of the freedoms you're fighting for in Iraq. We already have that freedom here. Don't try to take it away from us. And when you pass those smiling, waving Iraqis along the road, watch out that they don't throw a grenade at you or set off one of their roadside bombs. We want you to come home alive. Thank you for your service.

Name has been picked

SO THE university wants help naming the new Redhawk mascot. Why? The decision has already been made. It will be Reggie the Redhawk. Clip this out and compare it to the story that will be published and broadcast in a few weeks. See if I'm right. I wish I could bet everyone a steak dinner on this. I'd eat well for the rest of my life. If I'm wrong, I'll eat crow.

Avoid stereotypes

I AM tired of the comments about "fixed incomes." Most people who do not make commission are on a fixed income. You don't make any more than you did before, and prices keep rising. I find the comments about us younger people having it way to easy completely off- base and uninformed. I know what it's like to have a two-job family and barely scrape by. We have just what we need, not much of what we want, and no entertainment. Please don't be so critical of people my age, and I won't push the stereotypes onto people your age.

A bad pet law

PLACING A limit on pets has nothing to do with treating pets right. The whole purpose of this movement is to show that limits have absolutely no relationship to how pets are treated. I recommend that opponents look into the existing laws for animals, research their lack of enforcement, hear the excuses of the police and then ask themselves again what exactly is a limit law supposed to accomplish. It is not part of a bigger plan. It is just a poorly thought out, arbitrary law that will do nothing in the goal of better pet ownership.

PeeCee is a good name

HOW ABOUT Politicus Correctus for the Southeast Missouri State University mascot? They're still Indians to me.

Praise, don't complain

Instead of griping about everything, I'd like to focus on all the positive things around me: my wonderful neighbors, my supportive co-workers, the embracing members of my church, the pleasant folks who work at the stores where I shop, the fantastic teachers who give so much to my children. All of these people are just great.

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