Community Q&A 10/04/04

Monday, October 4, 2004

* Name: Teresa Wildman

Lives in: Cape Girardeau

Family: Daughter Olivia, 1 year old.

Job: Fund-raiser/grant writer for Child Advocacy Center (SEMO-NASV).

What do you like most about the area? I like the sense of belonging and connection I feel to this area. I love that people know my parents and grandparents, and that there is such a spirit of camaraderie in the not-for-profit community in which I work. I feel like I'm raising my daughter with a "village" by living in Cape Girardeau -- she has such wonderful caregivers and influences in my family and friends here.

Favorite food: Fried shark sandwiches I used to get in Trinidad.

Best advice: There are two rules in life: Do your best and do the right thing. My dad told me this, and I try to live by it.

Person you most admire: Maya Angelou

What would you do if you won the lottery? I'd put half of it away for Olivia's future and spend the other half showing her around the world.

Pet peeve: People who hurt children (we see too many hurt children in my line of work).

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