Speak Out 9/28/08

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Highway mowing

SO WHY can't the highway department mow Highway 74 between Dutchtown and Cape Girardeau? It always seems to get ignored, except by property owners having to mow it themselves in places. Other roads look nice most of the time, even much less traveled ones. Now that the tall grass, weeds and foxtail are drying out, it looks like a big fire hazard to me. Once or twice all year is just not enough. Who makes the call on this?

Get the right people

I TOO had ruts in my yard from the limb cleanup done by the city. I too called public works. Someone came out, assessed the damage and will be bringing out dirt and seed to fix it. I am not sure who the other resident spoke with and wound up paying $325 to fix their yard, but it must not have been the right people.

Senior coupons

REGARDING CAPE Girardeau County Transit Authority senior coupons: They will be honored after Dec. 31. They have no expiration date, and it was decided that they would be good indefinitely. Anyone with further concerns or questions can call 335-5533.

Required reading

MANY OF those Meadow Heights Junior High School students did not do the required reading. That is why they received bad grades. The reading was homework, and the assignments were not completed. I have one of those students who did not read and got a bad grade.

Bus driver

MOST STUDENTS are so loud and disrespectful on school buses that if I were a driver I'd speed to get them to their destination. Try being a bus driver.

Good teacher

AS A parent in the Meadow Heights School District, I don't see a problem with our junior high reading teacher. The teacher has been with the school for several years and is a perfectly good teacher. I think the problem lies with in the students and their lack of dedication and work. If my child makes a bad grade because he or she does not turn in their work, it is the student's fault, not the fault of the teacher. Meadow Heights is "Reaching New Heights" by using rigor and relevance to raise the bar of education in the school. I will be happy when my child graduates and is ready for college and does not have to take remedial classes because of the higher expectations placed on them in junior high and high school. We should be thanking the school for the higher expectations.

Blame the victim

BLAMING THE consumer for our economic woes is the ultimate in placing the blame on the victim.

Age of Reagan

IT'S SHOCKING to hear former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan admit that his libertarian, laissez-faire belief that markets would be self regulating and in virtually no need of government regulation was wrong. Though Greenspan made the admission and though one has to give him credit for being honest, it still is an abomination that he and a variety of crony capitalists have cost ordinary Americans trillions of dollars. Thank goodness that the Age of Reagan has come to an end.

Poor visibility

HIGHWAY 72 will be great when it is completed. But right now trying to drive on the dark pavement in rain at night is next to impossible. I ran off the road twice and crossed the center line once. I am sure the motorist behind me thought I was drunk, but I could not see. It also does not help when the person behind your is blinding you in your mirrors.

Lower prices

GAS PRICES are dropping. When are we going to see a difference at the grocery store? Everybody is quick to raise prices claiming that the gas prices drove up their expense. What's the excuse now?

Honor the flag

MY GRANDCHILDREN and I enjoyed the Homecoming parade. However, I was once again saddened by the large number of people who failed to honor the color guard as it passed by. Patriotic citizens stand and put their hand over their heart when the flag passes by. When I prompted my grandchildren, ages 5, 5 and 6, to honor our country's flag, the individuals seated next to me sat there eating candy. How unbelievably sad.

It's all a joke, right?

I SINCERELY hope that after the election comedians and entertainers like David Limbaugh, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, and Bill O'Reilly will calm the waters of some segments of the populace who really believe these guys are serious about what they say and write.

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