Letter to the Editor

Kerry's values are not mainstream

Saturday, October 2, 2004

To the editor:

We are safe in assuming, after reading Alan Journet's latest letter condemning President Bush, that he will vote for John Kerry. This is his right. I read with interest as he bashed Bush on an array of issues, which also is his right. When Journet stated Bush was not in line with mainstream values, giving the impression that he and Kerry are, I felt compelled to speak out.

Examples to think about include the overwhelming support for traditional marriage from 70 percent of Missourians. Kerry was opposed. He agreed with 30 percent of the folks in Missouri.

Partial-birth abortion is opposed by 70 to 80 percent of Americans. Kerry stands up for partial-birth abortion and voted against the ban outlawing this horrific murder of innocent babies.

Accepting two Purple Hearts for Band-Aid-type injuries, as we now know he did, is considered a slap in the face for all the brave soldiers who lost limbs and suffered serious wounds in Vietnam.

What about Kerry's protests against the Vietnam War? His picture is in a Vietnamese war museum honoring those who helped the communists win in their struggle against the United States.

I looked up "values" in the dictionary: "to recognize the worth, quality, importance or magnitude of something." Perhaps Kerry does not recognize the worth of marriage, the quality and importance of that little baby or the magnitude of how great our freedom is in this country.

LANCE HAHN, Millersville