Speak Out 10/27/08

Monday, October 27, 2008

Keeping your word

IN THE recent era of lies, deceit, poor communication and failed local political management, everyone in our neighborhood would like to commend Cape Special Road District and Mr. Phillips for keeping their word regarding the fine quality blacktop on County Road 316. No issues, no problems, no complaints. Congratulations on a job well done. You said you would do it, and you did. Thanks.

Column prediction

BEFORE IT appears in print, David Limbaugh will probably write that al-Qaida's endorsement of John McCain is a classic example of reverse psychology in trying to get you to vote for Barack Obama. On the other hand, if al-Qaida had endorsed Barack Obama, Limbaugh would likely have written some version of, "See, I told you so!"

Monitoring the vote

WE SEND people to foreign countries to make sure elections are fair. Who is overseeing our election this year? When I see people on TV voting in their cars at a drive-in, I don't believe this is a fair election. Hanging chads are nothing compared to what it's going to be this year. It's frightening to see what our country is becoming.

ER doctors

I'M CALLING about the emergency rooms at the hospitals. It's a shame, with all of the doctors we have, that when Friday comes you can't see a doctor over the weekend. One Sunday we went to the hospital at 7 p.m. We sat there until 1 a.m. and got up and left. The next morning I went to the doctor. He put me in the hospital. I was there for two weeks.

Exposing corruption

Regarding Jon Rust's column on Jay Purcell: Granted, Jay Purcell might not have gone about exposing corruption in the correct way. At least he exposed it, which needed to be done.

Union strength

I HAVE a question as to why any working-class individual would not want third-party representation. Collective bargaining has provided individuals with the power to attain a fair wage for a full day of work, health benefits and a pension plan, along with many other benefits. Yes, it is unions that I am speaking of. Union members belong to organizations that train and educate, provide insurance for and invest in the retirement of all of the membership. This is achieved through each member contributing a small percentage to the health and welfare programs initiated by the union. No taxpayer dollars are required for any of the items aforementioned. The union movement constructed the middle class in our economy -- the group that has the majority of the buying power in America. If the middle class is strong, the country is strong. Why would anyone choose to go it alone when he could organize and have the support of third-party representation to assist in efforts to provide a better way of life?

Christmas patriotism

BE MINDFUL this Christmas season of the struggles we as Americans face ahead in the near future. May we also be mindful of the true meaning of the season. This said, I encourage everyone shopping for a new Christmas tree this year to make an effort to purchase trees made here in America, not in China. Buying American never felt so good and was needed so badly.

Absolutely amazing

I HOPE the River Campus can continue to bring in such amazing performances as "Stomp." It was absolutely amazing to see ordinary items become instruments of genius percussion. I hope more acts like this will follow. The underground arts and percussion shows are always the best.

Casino revenue

IN ORDER for our city to grow, of course you need more revenue. A gambling casino would not only bring many good-paying jobs to the area, but also bring our downtown to life.

Another bad idea

I CAN'T believe the highway department is putting a cable so close to the inside lane of the interstate. There is no room for a car to pull off into the median if there is a mechanical problem or blown tire in heavy traffic. Someone will be killed because of this. This is another example of bad planning using our highway funds, as was the two-tenths of a mile markers that were put up.

Ask yourself

TO THE person who says "Ha. Ha" to Chinese workers who are suffering as the result of factory closures: Look around your own house and ask yourself if American factory jobs were stolen or happily given away by people who think lower prices at megaretailers come without hidden costs. Ask yourself if the people in your congregation are really any different from hard-working folks anywhere in the world just trying to do the best for their families.

Reading concerns

TO THE junior high school parent who is concerned about his child's reading performance: It's great that you are paying attention and realize what a problem it is. As long as schools spend so much time on the accelerated reader program, this is going to be a problem. That entire program is a joke, but administrators who buy into it hate to admit the waste. Teachers love it because the children read, test themselves, record their own scores and just about everything else, leaving the teacher time to grade other papers and surf the Internet. How do I know? Been there. Saw it happening.

Greenspan's shock

FORMER FEDERAL Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan has admitted that he is "shocked" at the freezing up of credit markets and that he is partially to blame for the economic and financial mess we're in. No wonder Greenspan made CNN's top 10 list of villains responsible for the meltdown. The upcoming presidential election will be a referendum on Alan Greenspan.

You're the problem

THE AVERAGE Chinese worker losing his job is not the problem. These Chinese workers are trying to make a living just as you are. They don't control policy and have nothing to do with big Chinese businesses making things cheaper. Nor do they have anything to do with Americans who are more concerned with buying cheap than buying American-made products. I challenge you to check the labels on everything in your house from your socks to your car. If you are one of those folks who buy foreign-made items to save a buck, then you are the problem, not the Chinese factory worker.

Ganging up

I THINK Jon Rust's criticism of Jay Purcell in his endorsement of Rock Finch was over the top. Finch running as an independent makes me chuckle. How can you claim to run as an independent and have David Limbaugh as your treasurer? Finch deciding on his own to run at this particular time is hard to believe. There's a lot of politics at play in this small town. I know Finch, and he is a nice guy. But with all the city and county officials ganging up on Purcell, I will have to give my vote to Purcell.

Socialized health care

REGARDING THE continuing argument about socialized health care, I can only say it is a wonderful thing. I have experienced it firsthand in Britain for more than 20 years. The security it offers is tremendous. I find that in the U.S. I pay more for private health insurance and get less in return -- much less. At best the U.S. system is expensive. At worst it is downright rapacious. Real freedom is not having to worry if you can afford to pay the doctor.

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