Speak Out 10/01/04

Friday, October 1, 2004

Message to young drivers

I VERY much appreciated the article about Jason Schafer. I attended his funeral, and I understand the shock and grief of the community. The article talked about Jason being an upstanding young man and being an organ donor. I hope Jackson and Cape Girardeau high school kids will take something from this. I work at P&G and live in Jackson. Every day I meet high school kids on the county roads driving way too fast on the wrong side of the road. County roads are not a license to ignore the speed limits. Obey the speed limits because they keep you safe and alive. Death doesn't stop at the city limits.

Airport spending

A RECENT article in the Missourian was detailing the improvements to be made at the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport totaling $3.5 million. Back in May the Missourian reported that the boardings were down 17 percent for the first quarter. It seems the airport is spending a lot of money for the benefit of just a few people. I think the money could be spent better in other ways.

News sabotage

WE CAN understand mistakes in journalism, but a deliberate constant barrage on our war on terrorism and our president is nothing less than sabotage. It goes on constantly.

Defeating our enemies

WINNING THIS war on terrorism is a top priority. A loss would make any other material project completely immaterial. The utmost goal now is to defeat the enemies of America without and within our nation. Otherwise, nothing else will matter.

Listening to music

IT'S SATURDAY afternoon about 4:20 p.m. I've come to downtown Cape Girardeau to listen to a little bit of the music festival. If you want to know why there's nobody attending, it's because of the music. If the festival organizers would change the format of the music a little bit and incorporate some other kind of music besides hard rock, they might get some people to listen to it. How about next year trying to get some music that a person can stand to listen to?

Caught up in violence

I STILL enjoy reading the Central High School Tiger newspaper after all these years. My two children have long graduated. I was discouraged, however, to read the movie review of "Resident Evil 2." The young man writing this review states that the movie proves to be a thrill. It is nonstop violence, language and some nudity. He says it's a must-see movie. And we wonder why our young people are getting caught up in Columbine tragedies.

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