Letter to the Editor

Insurgent groups cause problems

Friday, October 1, 2004

This previously published letter is being reprinted with a new headline that eliminates confusion caused by the original headline.

To the editor:

In response to "Violence dots map of Iraq despite political optimism": The following was a statement made in article: "On Friday, the day of rest across the Muslim world, clashes broke out in Ramadi and parts of the capital. A rocket slammed into a Baghdad boulevard, mortars rounds were fired at British forces in Basra and U.S. Marines launched strikes on Fallujah." There have been comments made around the Arab world that the insurgents are not Muslim. Friday for Muslims is like Sunday for Christians and Saturday for Jews.

This statement could prove these comments, because in the Arab world Friday is a day of worship and rest. The streets are almost like a ghost town until after the sun goes down. It is almost an eerie feeling.

I believe that the problems are caused by those groups, not Muslims, who want the U.S. military to stay in the area to protect their interests.

The U.S. leaders are supporting these groups with no respect for our military troops and no respect for the Iraqi people. Their interests are purely self-centered. What a shame that innocent soldiers and civilians are dying for those who have no respect for life -- just financial wealth.