Letter to the Editor

Vote for change to fairer policies

Friday, October 1, 2004

To the editor:

It is time for voters who are not yet decided to choose a presidential candidate that best represents their concerns. Good jobs, affordable health care, the means to send a child to college and the ability to purchase a home are some of the things everyone desires. The last four years have made it difficult to achieve these goals.

People tend to forget that a war started under false pretenses has caused this nation to lose more than 1,000 young men and women. Instead of focusing on Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden, these resources have been diverted to Iraq, where there have been no links to terrorism and no weapons of mass destruction.

It is also sad that good jobs have been lost to other countries because of greed, resulting in suffering for U.S. families. Large tax cuts for the rich have taken away funding from schools. Average taxpayers have had to pick up the burden by paying higher county and city taxes. Drug costs have gone out of sight, and the current administration has done nothing to stop it. Seniors have been forced to decide between medication and their next meal.

The United States is the most advanced and richest nation on earth. These types of things wouldn't happen with fair and reasonable polices to help all Americans, not just the rich and corporate America.

It is clearly time for a change. People that have been affected have a chance to make this change Nov. 2.

ERWIN PORTER, New Madrid, Mo.