Everybody's a critic - 'First Daughter'

Friday, October 1, 2004

One-half star (out of four)

I expected a lot more from actor-turned-director Forest Whitaker. Katie Holmes delivers a rather disappointing performance as Samantha, the president's daughter.

Everything about this movie is completely absurd and overly dramatic. Simply watching it induced hyperglycemia. The script was bursting with romantic clichés, "unexpected" twists and "unpredictable" resolutions.

Although the movie is about Samantha's college experience, it includes a total of two classroom scenes. The campus looked fake and Samantha's relationships with fellow students, even her roommate, were utterly shallow. Overall, "First Daughter" is a very bad movie. However, if you are 12 and into sugarcoated, pathetic movies with generic characters set in fantasyland, go for it.

- Bojan Radojcic, student


Four stars (out of four)

"First Daughter" is a romantic comedy similar to "Chasing Liberty," but without the European vacation. Although it is a little corny, I found it to be a good movie.

Here is the story: the president of the United States (Michael Keaton) is running for re-election and is also father to a young, headstrong and rebellious daughter named Samantha (Katie Holmes).

Samantha wants to live a normal life, which is unlikely with the Secret Service always following her, even as she deals with all the rigors of college.

As for the acting, Holmes comes off as bright and funny in her portrayal of Samantha, and Marc Blucas brings wit and a fun-loving attitude to the role of Samantha's love interest, James.

- Tiffany Monroe, homemaker


One star (out of four)

A trivial movie, the purpose of "First Daughter" is only to appeal to the hearts of young girls everywhere. Much like a Lindsay Lohan ditz-fest, this movie was full of girlish "like, oh my God" moments and expected twists.

While I generally enjoy Katie Holmes and her work in movies like "Pieces of April," I found myself wishing the film roll in the projection room would explode and burst into flames so I would not have to finish watching this gigglerama.

Although Inoticed the other patrons in the theater -- two middle-aged women -- were actually enjoying the movie.

The casting of this film was fine and dandy but the script was horrendous and full of clichés. I would not recommend this movie to anyone. Please, please, forget this movie and go see "Hero" instead.

- Amanda Spence, student

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