Letter to the Editor

Yard signs give voice to victims

Thursday, September 30, 2004

To the editor:

I have a yellow Vote Pro-Life sign in my yard. The signs in and of themselves have no party symbols or design that would indicate support for any particular party or candidate. Even the colors are not those typically used in American politics.

The purpose for displaying these signs is to remind voters that there is a group of 1.3 million Americans who have no voice in the political process. They have little concern for the war against terror and don't particularly care about John Kerry's Vietnam War record or George Bush's National Guard service. They are unable to contribute to Moveon.org or the Media Fund. Taxes, tort reform, corporate welfare and environmental issues haven't reached their radar screen. However, they will be denied the privilege of casting a ballot in 18 years because they were denied the right to life this year.

I suppose there are pro-life positions supported by the Democratic Party line of abortion for any conceivable reason, partial-birth abortion, the spread of abortion technology to Third World countries, abortifacients for birth control, embryo dissection and experimentation, embryonic stem-cell research and therapeutic cloning of human beings for medical treatment. None comes close to matching the certain loss of 1.4 million Americans yearly due to surgical abortion alone. The scream of those silenced by abortion can be deafening at times to those who have ears to hear. Their only voice are those yellow Vote Pro-Life signs.