Speak Out 10/18/08

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Affordable tip

A COMMENT said that if you can't afford to leave a large tip when you go out to eat, you should stay home. I have a suggestion. Why not have your boss post a sign on the front door saying if you can't afford to leave a large tip, don't come in? I have noticed that the restaurants not very crowded these days. And I would say that any tip is better than no tip. We are going to be going through some slow times for awhile. We dine out a lot and always leave as much as we can afford, but if we expect rude treatment because of the tip we leave, it will not be forgotten.

Petty over signs

TO THOSE responsible for the theft and vandalism of presidential candidate signs: You live in a country where you have the legal right to disagree with another person without fear. Disagree, but don't be petty.

Take a stand

REGARDING THE music allowed at school dances: We have the same problem in Jackson. When my daughter was in sixth grade they were playing this music, so we stopped letting her go to dances. It would be great if more parents cared enough about what was put into their children's heads to take some sort of stand. Maybe then someone would make a change.

Budget issue

THE REASON foam containers and other paper products are used in school cafeterias is because the schools have a limited number of food service employees who are allowed a certain number of hours a day. They have two meals to serve and clean up. The schools should look at other alternatives, but it's a trade-off between budget, equipment and employee costs.

Missing street sign

I AM a 94-year-old woman who lives in Kelso, Mo. I am dependent on Meal on Wheels for my lunch every weekday. Several years ago, someone stole the only street sign for my street. The drivers who deliver my meals have trouble finding my street, and my meal is either late or not delivered at all. The same situation could happen if I were to need emergency services. All efforts I have taken in the past to get a replacement sign have reaped no results. Is there anyone who can assure a new street sign is installed?

Specter of socialism

DOES DAVID Limbaugh read the news? He spills a lot of ink trying to scare us with the specter of socialism. It's already here, courtesy of the Bush administration and European governments.

Living on credit

THE BIBLE says, "Judge not lest ye be judged." Referring to people who are living on credit as whiny people might be wrong. You don't know that person's circumstances. Perhaps he didn't get a raise because the boss was out of sorts and needed to live on credit to make it through. I believe that the older people should be allowed to continue their credit ways. The way to stop this is with the newer generation. Make sure they understand the perils of credit. But the older generation has to live like this and doesn't deserve to be punished. Creditors need to think about the people who are living like this and how the new generation coming up should handle credit.

Getting too liberal

I HATE to say it, but I believe the Southeast Missourian is getting more and more liberal every day I read it, especially the Opinion page. It seems like the Speak Out and syndicated columns have a leftist spin. It's sad to say, but I think you'll see that it will affect your future circulation, especially when people look forward to reading conservative commentators on a more regular basis. I'd like to see at least a fair and balanced approach to Speak Out.

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