Speak Out 9/28/04

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Maintain the trails

WHY ARE the trails at Trail of Tears State Park not being maintained? Weeds, vines and fallen trees are on every trail at the park making it dangerous for horses and people alike. Can't the state afford to have someone maintain the trails?

Ode to autumn

HARVEST MOON soon will be. The joy of autumn comes to the countryside. As too much beauty envelopes me, I must give thanks. Golden shafts of sunlight beam through the cornfield. The song of the chipper cricket begins at dusk. Fresh apple cider is served in a vintage glass. Young folk go on a hayride to the bonfire. Amber moon, cast your light to the earth.

Hoeing for moles

I HAVE found a great way to get rid of those moles that dig up your yard. It may not work for everybody, but it worked for me. Stick the water hose into one of their runs and turn on the water. Be very quiet and wait for the soil to move. When those moles start to move, grab your hoe. Good luck.

Bring back Riverfest

WITH ALL the changes happening in downtown Cape Girardeau, does the future include bringing back Riverfest? I think it should be brought back. I don't know why it stopped in the first place.

Activist politicians

I WAS pleased to see that Florida's highest court determined that Gov. Jeb Bush and state legislators went too far by forcing Terri Schiavo, a woman who has been in a vegetative state for nearly 15 years, to be kept alive by artificial means. When I hear some politicians railing against what they call activist judges, I wonder how they feel about activist politicians.

Combo meal options

MANY FAST-FOOD restaurants are giving the option between french fries or fruit in kids' meals, as well as the choice between milk, juice box or the normal soft drink. This is a great start for teaching future generations how to have a healthier diet. I hope to see in the near future these option for adult combo meals.

Smoking at the fair

MY FAMILY will not be attending the SEMO District Fair next year. The cigarette smoke was awful. It's a sad day when you have to wave the smoke away from your child's face just to walk through the fair. Why don't they have smoking areas? I really don't like second-hand smoke and definitely don't want my child exposed to the deadly smoke.

Young couple, big hearts

I WANT to thank a young man named Joe (works at FedEx) and his girlfriend, Kara, (works at Southeast Missouri Hospital) for giving me and my two daughters a ride home from Cape Girardeau to Benton over the weekend. These two were a young couple with a big heart. They went out of their way when they didn't have to. They are appreciated more than they'll ever know. Thanks so much again from a mother and her two daughters.

Great music festival

I WENT to the City of Roses Music Festival. I went to see Stella Blue. She was awesome. On Saturday night I went to go see Drivin Rain. They put on a great concert. It is nice that local musicians can show their talent and we can enjoy it for free with no parking charge and no admission. Thank you.

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