Letter to the Editor

Letters read like fill-in-the-blanks

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

To the editor:

I was astonished that the Missourian ran three obviously plagiarized form letters in the Wednesday edition. I wonder where Alan Journet, Emma Franklin and Paul Botch all found the same radical-environmentalist talking points? Maybe on an action network mass e-mailing that Journet sends out from his Sierra Club Web site?

All the letters were remarkably similar in format: at the top, blast the Bush administration policies; in the middle, bring up corporate payback or conspirators, buddies or cronies and say "suppressed or ignored scientific evidence"; and at the close, blast the Bush administration and indirectly hint or call for a vote for John Kerry.

I must admit though, there was one thing more astonishing than reading back-to-back-to-back liberal form letters in Missourian: that Journet had the intestinal fortitude to call himself an independent anything. Right, he's almost as independent as Dan Rather and CBS.