Cycling enthusiasm

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Organizers of the Tour of Missouri bicycle race across the state have another reason to consider Cape Girardeau as the starting or ending point for next year's race: The participation in and success of the Tour de Cape bicycle race.

Local organizers have, over nine years, turned the Tour de Cape event into a highly successful race that this year drew more than 320 cyclists. Bikers participated this year in one of four long-distance routes ranging from 15 to 100 miles. Proceeds from the local race will help pay for scholarships for Mississippi Valley Therapy Horsemanship.

While the Cape Girardeau cycling event has continued to grow, the cross-state race in just two years has attracted more and more national and international attention. Some of the biggest names in the cycling world have taken note of the Missouri race.

With the high level of local involvement and interest in bicycling, organizers and supporters of the Tour de Cape should be proud of their first-class event. And organizers and supporters of the Tour of Missouri would do well to consider Cape Girardeau for their first-class event as well.

In the world of competitive cycling, this sounds like a win-win.

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