Hooked on science

There are so many good ways to get youngsters interested in learning, but one of the most fun ways of getting hooked on science is the Science Day events organized by Jason Lindsey, outreach science educator for the Bootheel Youth Museum in Malden, Mo. Lindsey also is a regular blogger for the Southeast Missourian's website, semissourian.com.

Science Day -- which is officially designated by several governors -- this year was full of special activities designed to connect young students and the field of science.

Last year, Lindsey organized the effort to break the world's record for the most Mentos fountains, a messy and hilarious way to demonstrate what happens when the candy is added to a carbonated beverage.

This year, participants unofficially broke another world's record, this one for blowing up the most balloons in an hour. The previous record was 600 balloons. Science Day participants blew up more than 800 balloons.

The record must be verified by Guinness World Record officials.

Piquing the interest of youngsters in science could be just the spark needed to start some budding Nobel Prize winner on the right path. Science Day organizers and sponsors should be proud of their efforts, which this year attracted several hundred students from throughout Southeast Missouri.

Congratulations to Lindsey and his helpers and to everyone who made the day such a success.