Speak Out 09/24/04

Friday, September 24, 2004

Adventurous cooking

TRY COOKING as a pastime instead of television. Cooking is fascinating. Sure it takes time to master the art of cooking, but you have your whole life to progress. Get adventurous. Be a gourmet or connoisseur or just relish fine peasant dishes. Gastronomy is a delight for all if they admit to it. The way to man's heart is through his stomach. The way to woman's heart is to let her eat what she wants and continually adore her full figure.

Disgrace to Allah

THIRTY-FIVE Pakistani prisoners released from Guantanamo Bay said they went to Afghanistan to participate in the Islamic holy war, or jihad, against America in the name of Allah just like Michelle Malkin wrote about. They will be prosecuted in Pakistan. If holy war is beheading prisoners of war like al-Qaida is doing in Iraq, these barbarian, savage, radical Muslims are viciously disgracing Allah, the peaceful Muslim's god.

Can't say no

I AM in favor of the pet limit. I love animals. If I didn't have a limit, I couldn't say no to just one more.

Who did forgery?

DAN RATHER was using fake military documents to try to bring down the president. I don't believe Rather created those fake documents, but somebody did. And creating fake military documents in order to influence a presidential election has got to be a federal offense. It's time to figure out who created these forged documents. Then it's time for Rather to retire.

Headline scare tactics

THE HEADLINE discussing autism was absolutely irresponsible. The fact of the matter is beyond any doubt that the thimerosal vaccines do not cause autism. By using these scare tactics, parents will not have their children vaccinated. How many countless children will suffer because they will contract diseases that they could have otherwise been protected against? It is important to remember that the FDA, the CDC and the National Institutes of Health all have concluded that thimerosal vaccines do not cause autism. Also important is that the American Academy of Pediatrics not only encourages but insists that parents vaccinate their children. Those are the facts.

Cape's pork barrel

CAPE GIRARDEAU seems adept at applying for and receiving grants and special aid from both the state and federal governments. I offer the River Campus, the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport, the bike path and soon-to-be five miles of new sidewalk as examples. I'm not suggesting that any of these projects are bad, but the Southeast Missourian and the city council make it sound like state and federal money is manna from heaven as opposed to what it obviously is: our taxpayer dollars. What triggers this call is the article by Mark Bliss regarding a proposed $180,000 grant from the National Park Service for expanding facilities in Kiwanis Park. I live right next to Kiwanis Park and I go through or past it on a daily basis. It's a shame so little use is made of such a nice park with costly maintenance. I have never seen as many as 10 people in the park at any one time. The shelters are rarely in use. So why would you build more? This is pure pork-barrel use of the taxpayers' money.

Police keep fair safe

THANKS TO all the police at the SEMO District Fair. Your presence was noticed everywhere we went, and we were able to have a great time with our children. It was nice to enjoy a family evening without seeing fights break out by the larger rides. You are appreciated.

Reverse the ordinance

THE PET-LIMITATION issue is obviously going to court regardless of how many complain there are about tax dollars being used. The only thing that can prevent that is for the city council to reverse the ordinance.

Pets in our own yard

PEOPLE ARE going too far with trying to regulate pets. I recently moved to Cape Girardeau, and my neighbor called animal control because my dogs were in my yard without a leash. What are we coming to when we can't keep our pets in our yard without a leash?

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