Letter to the Editor

Harrison leaves historical legacy

Friday, September 24, 2004

To the editor:

B.W. Harrison was certainly a great friend to Cape Girardeau. I became acquainted with him when I wrote the nomination of Old Hanover Lutheran Church to the National Register of Historic Places. He was so knowledgeable in history and architecture. His expertise and willingness to act as a consultant made my research easier. Old Hanover was placed on the register in October 1987, just in time for its 100th anniversary observance.

The building was restored, and Harrison provided an exceptional touch with the gift of eight vintage 1800s kerosene wall lamps, which had once lighted the hallways of an early hotel in downtown Cape Girardeau. This gift has been admired and appreciated during the many weddings and community events in the old church.

In 1991, the one-room school next door was added to make the old church and the old school a historic district. The school serves as a museum of early community church and school memorabilia and are available for events and tours. The old church is on the city's historic tour and has attracted many out-of-town tourists. The school has been visited by school classes to illustrate how their grandparents may have received their early education.

It is people like Harrison who have made the preservation and restoration of local sites an outstanding legacy and have enriched this entire community.

ELROY F. KINDER, Cape Girardeau