Wind-swept poodle gets a new home

Friday, September 24, 2004

Hurricane Ivan may have been an ill wind that blew destruction to the Gulf Coast and other places -- but Ivan also blew an 8-year-old miniature poodle to a new home in Cape Girardeau.

Earlier this week the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri gave temporary shelter to Boomer, a little black poodle whose former owners came here to escape Ivan, but could not take their pet back home because of the destruction left in Ivan's wake.

After an article appeared about Boomer's predicament Wednesday in the Southeast Missourian, the phones at the shelter started ringing, and according to director Chuck Stucker, continued ringing into Thursday. So many people called abut the little homeless dog that the Humane Society had to ask people to come in and fill out a special application form to adopt him.

"There was quite a buzz," Stucker said. "Everybody was talking about it. People were calling; it was huge."

About five people actually came in to fill out the application, and Boomer eventually went home with a couple whose children are grown. They have another dog about the same age as Boomer, which is the husband's dog. Boomer will settle down in the wife's lap.

Boomer's predicament helped some other pets find homes too, Stucker said. A white poodle a little older than Boomer also was adopted once people began coming out to the shelter.

"As far as I can tell another three dogs got a home," Stucker said. "We sent some cats home in the last day or so; that may have helped. I guess people were saying 'let's go out to the Humane Society and see what they have.' We're still getting inquiries and are telling other people about other dogs we have similar to Boomer."

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