Galleries reward partrons with art

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Art is rewarding.

Seven art galleries in Cape Girardeau have started a "Gallery Giveaway" to reward patrons of the arts with the best thing they can: art.

Each month, representatives in the Around Town Network from Edward Bernard Gallery, Westray Gallery, Garden Gallery, Crisp Museum, Global Cafe, Arts Council of Southeast Missouri and The Artist Studio will pull a name and give away a piece of art.

The inaugural piece is "Caught in a Whirl" by Judy Barks-Westrich.

"We intend to do this each month to show our appreciation to all the art enthusiasts and gallery goers," Barks-Westrich said in an e-mail.

The galleries hope the promotion will encourage attendence at First Fridays, the monthly event when most galleries in the area hold artist receptions and stay open late to welcome visitors.

People who want to participate will have roughly two weeks to visit each of the galleries. Oct. 18, a name will be drawn and the painting given away.

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