Speak Out 10/1/08

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Let him go

WHO CARES how many restroom breaks children get in school? If a child has to use the restroom, let him go. I would hate to see what would happen if you were told you couldn't use the restroom when you needed to go.

Working family

I AM 25 years old and have been married for six years. I work days. My spouse works nights to keep us from paying for day care. My husband lost his good-paying job a month after our child was born due to a company layoff. He still hasn't found anything even close to what he made before. So I went back to work. The past two years have been hard. Money has been tight. With the price of food and gas, my little family has been struggling to make it. We have little money at the end of the week to buy food and necessities, because we have to keep our home and pay our utilities. We make too much money by the government's standards to qualify for any kind of assistance. So I see my husband about six hours a week, and it has put a strain on our relationship. For all the little working families out there, I know how you feel and what you are going through.

People are spoiled

I HAVE been amazed at the comments that put the blame for the financial crisis on various individuals. The truth is, a combination of the government trying to please too many people, the country having a hard time competing against foreign competition and consumer greed are responsible. The American people have become spoiled and do not know what hardship is. There has been too much of trying to keep up with the neighbors.

Real-life scenario

ONE OF the feared doomsday scenarios following Sept. 11, 2001, was a cyberattack on our nation's financial system. We're now facing a financial crisis of immense magnitude and cost. Will we pursue those responsible for this real-life scenario with appropriate vigor or will the deregulatory profiteers enjoy indefinite freedom in some cavernous hideaway?

Tribute for assistance

I WANT to pay tribute to two beautiful young people who gave assistance to two senior women stranded on the parking lot of US Bank. The first was a young postman who gave assistance and the use of his cell phone. The other was a young woman who was so helpful with assistance and cell phone. Without their help we might still be there. Thanks again.

Those darn lights

I can't believe that signals in Cape Girardeau still hold long lines of traffic when there is no cross traffic, even with the fancy new traffic-sensing cameras. When is the city going to take a close look at fine-tuning the signals?

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