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Speak Out 9/28/08

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bicycle safety

THE EDITORIAL about the bicycle race forgot one important thing: safety. Bicyclists go up and down Route Y and Route V in Oriole. They are pushy and try to stop traffic so they can practice race. It is unsafe because there are no shoulders on those roads, and there are a lot of hills. They should be banned from the two-lane roads. They should use the pricey Osage trail. There are no cars on the trail, and there should be no bikes on two-lane roads.

No texting

IF MISSOURI legislators had any courage, they would save no telling how many lives by banning texting while driving. They won't. They will continue to target teens who aren't old enough to vote by telling them the driving age has been raised into the stratosphere.

Paint expert

HOME REMODELERS in the Cape Girardeau area and Lowes are saying good-bye to a legend. Ollie Benefield, who has managed paint departments at both Riverside Hardware stores before they closed, Central Hardware and for the past 15 years at Lowes is retiring. Many beautifully painted homes in the Cape area can thank Ollie for her perfect palette of paints, stains and wallpaper. Many people would seek out Ollie for her knowledge of paint, eye for great color combos and delightful customer service. Happy retirement.

Political pawns

IN WAR nobody wins. I am still trying to figure out why we are in Iraq. What happened to Osama bin Laden? What about our debt for this war? What about all the deaths of our soldiers and of innocent civilians? Don't give me the line we are fighting terrorism. It makes me fighting mad when our soldiers are used as political pawns.

Greed, no accountability

THE BLAME for the financial meltdown is not due to Reagan deregulatory practices nor is it a recent result of the Democratically controlled Congress. No one forced any institution to make the loans that these once trusted bankers made despite knowing that these people did not have the means to repay the loans. Personal and corporate greed and lack of personal responsibility are solely to blame. The blame also rests with Joe Consumer who bit off more than he could chew. We need to quit playing the blame game and get back to the basics this country was founded on: personal responsibility and accountability.

Break-in alert

NOTICE TO all Perryville Road and Perry Avenue residents. There have been several break-ins and attempted break-ins reported in this area over the past week. Be alert and keep an eye out on your home and your neighbors homes.

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good morning everyone

No texting : why stop at texting ? throw the cell

phones in there too..

-- Posted by ..Rick on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 6:00 AM

Wasn't aware of the break ins around the Perry ave area. When did they occur?

-- Posted by sosassy on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 7:17 AM

Bicycle safety :..even i know it's against the law to

pedal *** .. with all of the trails around , why

would anyone want to race on a county highway ?

-- Posted by ..Rick on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 8:00 AM

Me'Lange..what's a funkle?

-- Posted by ..Rick on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 8:01 AM

Hi ya'll-

I was without power again here in Cape for 2.5 hours last night. This is the 6th time this year my neighborhood (near Arena) was without power with no explanation as to why. Yes each storm we have had we have had no power and our neighbohood is the last one in Cape to receive it's power. But also for no reason at all we suddenly will have no power- like last night- and no one at UE tells us why. 6 times in one year with no power is beyond insane!

-- Posted by Skeptic1 on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 8:57 AM

It was nice to see all of my friends at the Gun and Knife Show!! Goodbody I'm happy to know that you are happy and healthy it was great to see you again.

And yes I did purchase a great little hand gun and some ammo for all that are curious!!

-- Posted by Silent_Bob on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 9:10 AM

City of Roses Music Festival news:

Wow, every year it's always something at this deal. This year in order to buy an over priced $3 cup of beer you had to convert your money over to beer tickets for $1 per ticket. They over sold tickets and ran out of beer by 10 o'clock. I approarched the angry mob at the ticket stand for a refund for my 3 tickets and was told there will be no refunds.

I asked the gentleman in front of me what he was being told and he said "she actualy she told me to shut the f##k up 4 times."

The lady looked at him and said "no, I only told you that 3 times. Learn how to count, idiot".

That poor guy was from out of town, came with his girlfriend, paid for both to get in, bought 18 tickets (for 3 beers a piece), and they sold tickets to him even though they were already out of beer. They had to call the cops over to keep a roit from breaking out.

Way to go City of Roses Musicfest! That was MY last time

-- Posted by grandma73 on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 9:56 AM


can they do that ?

no wonder things are sc.rewed up

-- Posted by ..Rick on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 10:15 AM

is there anything truly American anymore ?

am i spending yen and euro now instead of dollars ?

this burns my *** to no end....

-- Posted by ..Rick on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 11:40 AM

Hilleco is correct again as usual. We will never correct our downward spiral into a 2nd or 3rd world country if we continue to back the two parties now in power to the exclusion of any other "crazy " ideas.

It is the true insanity of the entrenched two major parties that got us where we are now. To expect them to "fix" what is wrong is the real craziness.

The old sage quote, " if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten" aptly applies to our current state of affairs.

-- Posted by Thought Criminal on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 1:06 PM


There have been many posts about the bicycle events in this area. Many who are direcctly affected say the cyclists block traffic by riding across the two lane roads and/or actually direct traffic themselves. I think it is rude to say that they have their underwear in a wad for their concerns of safety or inconvenience. Must we always roll over and have no legitimate complaints because of the anticipated revenue? Perhaps the cyclists themselves could put aside some money from their bike purchases to hire a professional traffic controller for their events. More and more the cyclists are revealing themselves to wanting it all (free signs) without compromising (hogging entire roads).

-- Posted by BABE on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 1:23 PM


This musicfest should just be shut down. They are breaking the law by selling worthless tickets. That and the rowdiness makes it difficult for folks to accept serving alcohol at other more responsible events.

-- Posted by BABE on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 1:43 PM

Hey babe,

I agree.

-- Posted by grandma73 on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 2:33 PM


You mentioned here that you worked part-time in a bar now. Is it one downtown? If so, can you give us your take on what is happening down there?

-- Posted by BABE on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 2:36 PM


Do you know who sponsers the musicfest?

-- Posted by BABE on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 2:40 PM


I stand by my post.

-- Posted by BABE on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 3:04 PM

Silent Bob

Did you buy an American Gun? It's important that we have the ability to kill with an American Stamp.

No texting

This a big DAH! Bad driving, just add cell phone. Dumb driver, just add texter.

-- Posted by fajar154 on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 4:27 PM

Hmmm, in regards to the comment of 0856 about running out of beer - would be interesting to understand how this happened.

Geez, $3 for a beer - I guess it has been a while since I've been out and about. Guess I'd be showing my age by sharing that I remember when draft beer was going 4 for $1 - you know, at the festival celebrating the discovery of the wheel :-)~

Given the term 'cup of beer' and further assuming (aarrgh, I hate that term) a 16oz draw - there should be about 125 "cups o' beer" per 1/2 barrel (15.5 gallons) - for an expected $375 revenue opportunity. Guessing that a 1/2 barrel goes for around $60-$75 direct from the distributor - looking at a $300 gross profit opportunity per 1/2 barrel. Seems to be a lot of lost revenue opportunity here.

Wondering if there was a limit or some other cap set on the amount of beer to be sold? Or perhaps just an underestimation of demand?

I would think that the local distributors would have been more than happy to stage refrigerated trailers in the area, stocked with suds of all packaged varieties, as well as to provide a delivery person for shuttling the brews, since it is difficult to estimate the total consumption upfront for such an event.

Running out by 2200 - seems that was just getting into primetime consumption?

-- Posted by fxpwt on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 9:58 PM

I remember in discussions of subdivisions in Cape County that Stoney Brook Haven was mentioned several times. Can anyone tell me information on this place as far as pros and cons?

-- Posted by BABE on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 10:14 PM

Last nights downtown event should be called the River City Music Scam. After being ripped off on the tickets and beer,(i bought 17 tickets and got 2 beers out of the deal) I threw my 16 oz. cup into the trash can and told the vendor "I'll never be back to this again!!!" At this point Barney Fife the "little person" cop came over and told me that i was being evicted. When i asked why his answer was "you're being an *******". I told the diminutive marshall "thank you for cussing me" and left.

Would any of my fellow readers and writers not be upset about an average price of $8.50 per beer????

Also could someone tell me if it's acceptable behavior for a police officer to cuss at people????

I learned that several free beers were given away at the beer stand to young ladies and friends of whomever was working, these were people WITHOUT VIP passes. I know this because some of those people were my friends and told me about it later.

To the person who was wondering who put this deal together, I think it was Mary Ramsey.

TY for your time

-- Posted by sickofcape on Sun, Sep 28, 2008, at 11:38 PM

Last nights River City Music Fest was a joke!!! this was the worst year by far!!! they ran out of beer that people had purchased tickets for and then said that there were no refunds to be given! i know that there was free beer given out i saw it for myself. if you run out of something that you sold tickets for WHY WOULD YOU NOT ISSUE A REFUND TO THE CUSTOMER? i just dont understand how you expect people to not be upset. there were several people escorted out by the cops due to the fact of them being upset. I DONT BLAME THEM. the person in charge of organizing the event was MARY RAMSY(SP)sorry mary but you failed on this event!!! well this was the last for our group. there were apx 15 of us and we will not be attending again!!! i really cant say much for the bands this year either, you have had way better before.

-- Posted by sickofthecrap on Mon, Sep 29, 2008, at 2:07 AM

I am ashamed of our representative, Jo Ann Emerson. When will the voters of this area realize that she is simply an elected lobbyist for Farm Bureau and the AARP?

I have personally written Rep. Emerson on several occasions and on several issues. Of coarse I almost always differ with her, but I have never recieved a response.

I have even thanked her on the rare occasion that she votes correctly.

It is time for Emerson to go. She plays the game well, pantering to the area's biggest voting blocs, the old and the farmers and will difficult to beat.

Jo Ann Emerson is part of the problem in Washington. One by one these lifetime polititians must go.

Please contact Rep. Emerson and voice your displeasure with her vote today.

Of coarse her website is strangly unavailable.

-- Posted by Lumpy on Mon, Sep 29, 2008, at 6:05 PM

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