Speak Out 09/18/04

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Fruit with burgers

ONE OF your Speak Out callers said that the reason poor people are fat is because fruits and vegetables cost too much. I dare anybody to go to the store and show me that bananas cost more than Twinkies. Bananas and apples are much less expensive. I suggest the fast-food restaurants give us a choice between fresh fruit or fries with our burger combo meals.

Wild-animal menace

INSTEAD OF concentrating on regulating the pet population by owners, perhaps the Cape Girardeau City Council should focus on the wild-animal nuisance -- specifically the squirrels and rabbits that have seen an enormous increase this year. Can't anything be done about them? Look at the damage one squirrel caused Monday with the huge power outage.

Turnabout isn't fair

THE MAN that took his dog for a walk in Scott City and let him potty in my yard wouldn't like it if I took my dog to his yard to do the same thing. Clean up after your dog next time.

Self-obsessed anchors

IF THE TV networks that are so obsessed with events of 30 years ago were as concerned with our war on terrorism after those savages attacked our country, loyal Americans and our troops would have more faith in the media. But the petty attacks are turning Americans off of the self-obsessed anchormen. They're no better than saboteurs to our nation.

Triple whammy

ALL RESIDENTS and businesses required to pay high flood-insurance premiums just because maps aren't up to date should file a class-action lawsuit. The proof is the expensive, completed flood-control project. This country wasn't set up for bureaucrats to exploit the people. If there is any justice left in this country, this exploitive situation will be corrected. The government, insurance companies and banks must answer to the people. Taxpayers are getting a triple whammy from this situation. The taxpayers through the federal government paid for this flood project and were hit a second time by insurance companies and government red tape. They were hit a third time by sales tax in 1988.

Same destruction

AFTER THE destruction of the attack on America and the killing of nearly 3,000 people, why is it not feasible for the U.S. general in charge of the Fallujah area of Iraq to broadcast to the Fallujah residents to evacuate that town. The terrorists would remain. Then Fallujah should be subjected to the same destruction as that in New York, at the Pentagon and on the Pennsylvania jet. This war on terrorism must be successful if the peace is ever to be restored to America and to the world.

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