Cape Girardeau School Board passes new transfer policy

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Cape Girardeau School Board took the following action at their regular meeting Monday night:

* Passed a policy regarding intradistrict transfers. Students who move within the district can continue to attend their original elementary school if parents provide transportation. The policy defines residency and clarifies that the student can continue to attend the elementary school through completion of elementary school. It also allows siblings who had not started elementary school before the move to go to their sibling's school. Paul Nenninger and Charles Bertand voting against it.

* Authorized the district to participate in the Missouri School District Advance Funding Program. Through collaboration with other school districts, the district will be loaned money it needs for cash flow in November and December before tax revenue arrives in January. The district will repay the principal in January, and then could potentially earn interest from the money. Misty Clifton, the district's director of finance, said an advantage is lower borrowing rates. Charles Bertrand voted against the motion.

* Rejected a Missouri School Board Association Resolution that supports Missouri Congressman Sam Graves' No Child Left Behind Recess Until Reauthorization Act. The act proposes suspending the implementation of future sanctions under No Child Left Behind until it is reauthorized. Paul Nenninger, Charles Bertrand, Tony Smee and Laura Sparkman voted against the resolution, voicing concerns it might be unintentionally perceived by the public as not encouraging accountability.

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