Speak Out 9/22/08

Monday, September 22, 2008

Which is worse?

DON'T WORRY so much. Biblical end times are not here. It's just the Great Depression, Part II.

Not my Messiah

I AM tired of celebrities and politicians comparing my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to Barack Obama. Jesus is the one true Messiah. He is the King of kings and Lord of Lords. He was not, as these buffoons are suggesting, some hippy tiptoeing through the tulips while hugging a tree community organizer. These comparisons are offensive and blasphemous.

Socialist solution

IT'S A hoot how all these free-market capitalists are so shameless in getting on board for a socialist solution to our economic woes, asking the average taxpayer to foot a bill that will run over $1 trillion.

New tolerance

IT'S WONDERFUL to see so many evangelical conservatives suddenly become tolerant of illegitimate children. What changed? Certainly the desire for political power would not be a motivating factor for a good Christian. So what is it? And will this tolerance last beyond Nov. 4?

Thanks for kindness

I WANT to thank the people who were so kind to the utility workers. Most of them were working 18 hours a day. A special thanks to the woman who brought my husband's crew food. He came home exhausted, but that really made his day.

Welfare on the street

WELFARE FOR the poor pales in comparison to the minute-by-minute increase in welfare for Wall Street.

Looking for leadership

PART OF the financial crisis facing mortgage lenders today is not simply that they gave money to unqualified buyers, but that they were forced to do so by our own government. Rules of lending, led by the cardinal rule of "Can this borrower pay this loan back?" were suspended in favor of rules supporting equality, fairness, quotas, race, nation-of-origin and other stipulations that should never have been introduced into financial matters. Someone out there is going to say I'm being racist, but I'm not. I'm being realistic. This started with the Clinton administration, and has been advanced by the courts. We have got to get a handle on realism in this country from energy to finance to our tarnished image worldwide. We have got to come to grips with the fact that the U.S. is not the leader of the world, simply a part of it, and that other countries are no longer willing to sit in the back of our bus. I care only whether our next leader has a vision and a plan for restoring our country to its full glory and promise. I haven't seen that from anyone seeking that job so far.

MoDOT work zones

IS THE Missouri Department of Transportation trying to corner the market on orange cones? No wonder it's going broke. And why in the heck, if MoDOT can put up a sign saying you're entering a work zone, can't it put a sign up that says you're leaving a work zone?

The AIG loan

THIS IS about the AIG loan. Those who are complaining about the feds lending his tax money to AIG need not worry. Their tax money was gone a long time ago to finance the Iraq war. The treasury department will have to borrow some more from China or print some more to come up with $85 billion. Excess dollars circulated cause inflation. That's like throwing gasoline on a fire to put it out. If the government is going to own 80 percent of AIG, isn't that like big government -- or is it more like communism?

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