Speak Out 9/20/08

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Don't get out

IF YOU are a parent in the pickup line at South Elementary School in Jackson, then pick up your child. Do not get of the car. I was in line today to get my son, and the woman in front of me got out of her vehicle to get her son. The bus pulled up next to me, and I could not go around her. We are told by the school to park in the parking lot if you want to get out of the car. If we all listened to the rules, the process would run much more smoothly.

Thanks for the help

I WANT to thank all my wonderful neighbors on Masters Drive who helped me clean up after the windstorm Sunday. You are the best, and I appreciate all of you so very much.

Memorial madness

REGARDING THE PROPOSAL to put up memorials for the soldiers who died: Do you think for one minute that these soldiers would appreciate an expensive memorial? They'd put your money into helping the poor or raising money to send things to soldiers. I've got three brothers who were in the service, and my husband was in World War II. Who are these people who think they have to have a memorial for everything?

Wonderful husband

I WANT to express my thankfulness and my love for this person I'm married to. We've been married 15 years in October, and he is doer. He may not say "I love you" very many times, but he does show his love to me. His cards are so beautiful. They express just what he's thinking. He's from the old school. He is an amazing person. He does things that no one knows he does until it shows up. The neighbors love him. He's a gardener. He's such a wonderful person.

Don't care anymore

I AM independently secure financially. The outcome of this election will not affect me in any measurable way. That being said, I used to care about working-class people. I used to be concerned about the plight of both the rural and urban poor. I don't care anymore. The industrial workers and poor of this state and others keep supporting GOP politicians who do not support improving infrastructure of poor communities. They keep supporting GOP economic and spending policies that decrease their individual earning and spending power and give employers tax incentives to ship American jobs overseas. I give up. If the people on the bottom don't care about their own situation, neither do I.

Instant businessman

BECAUSE OF the $85 billion taxpayer bailout of AIG, we taxpayers are now in the mortgage and insurance business. Cool. I'm now a businessman.

Safety concern

I AM a resident of Ellis Street in Cape Girardeau, and I frequently see large groups of people behind the Dollar General store on Broadway that gather late at night. I honestly feel as though my safety is at stake, and I would like to see the police monitor the situation a bit closer.

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