Lillard faces two charges after not showing for court

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Southeast Missouri State senior quarterback Houston Lillard receives plenty of publicity for his on-field performances.

This week Lillard received the type of publicity he wasn't looking for.

Lillard was arrested Monday on a warrant for failure to appear on a charge of indecent exposure.

Lillard originally was issued the indecent exposure summons July 4. According to Cpl. Jason Selzer of the Cape Girardeau Police Department, Lillard was ticketed for public urination, a misdemeanor, in downtown Cape Girardeau.

Selzer said Lillard was scheduled to appear in court Aug. 12 to answer to the charge, which likely would have resulted in a fine had Lillard pleaded guilty.

Lillard failed to show up, which led to a warrant being issued for his arrest. He was booked and processed Monday and later released on a $500 bond, according to Selzer.

Speaking after Tuesday's practice, Lillard called his failure to appear "an honest mistake."

Lillard said he was wrapped up in getting ready for the season.

"Football had me more sidetracked," he said. "I just didn't make it."

Lillard has a new court date set for Oct. 14, where he will face two charges, indecent exposure and failure to appear. Both are misdemeanors.

"If he had shown up and paid his fine, there would have been no problem," said Selzer, who added that Lillard likely will face two fines.

Added Selzer: "We get people urinating in public, not every weekend, but it's not uncommon. But most of the people take care of it."

Asked whether he would make sure to show up for next month's court date, Lillard said: "I'm going to handle it."

Southeast coach Tony Samuel, asked whether Lillard had received any type of team discipline when he was issued the summons in July, declined to comment.

Samuel added that he did not "condone" Lillard's actions.

Lillard started Southeast's first three games of the season and is expected to be in the lineup Saturday when the Redhawks host Missouri State.

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