Nell Holcomb

Saturday, September 13, 2008

On Highway 177 north of Cape Girardeau -- not too far from the entrance to Trail of Tears State Park -- is a rarity in today's world of public schools: a modern elementary school with its own school district, a strong tax base, good teachers and administrators and parents who take an interest in the education their children are receiving.

This is Nell Holcomb School with 325 students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. On Sunday, the school will show off its latest improvements -- an upgrade to the gym, classrooms, computer lab and parking -- that cost $2.2 million. The school will have a dedication at 2 p.m. Sunday followed by an open house at 2:30 p.m.

Northern Cape Girardeau County has been experiencing a building boom in recent years. Nell Holcomb officials believe the school may see enrollment increases as a result. The latest school improvements have anticipated growth, which means the school is ready for more students.

Nell Holcomb is, in a way, a throwback to the one-room schools of yesteryear, but it has all the updated equipment and facilities you would expect to find in any new school of today.

Congratulations to everyone in the Nell Holcomb School District as you continue to provide and outstanding and rewarding educational experience for your students.

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