Good Times presents Good Deeds: Thank goodness for Cape's generosity

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Gustav evacuees staying at the Cape Girardeau home of Vickie and Rick Naegar wanted to thank Cape Girardeau residents for their outpouring of generosity while they took shelter in Missouri.

Vickie Naegar said there were 12 evacuees camped out on the property and that donations started pouring in from the start. "I know the people who brought things over don't want to be named in the paper," she said. The evacuees were "blown away," as she put it, with the generosity they were shown by the city of Cape. "My kitchen is wall to wall with coolers," she said.

The donations ranged from goody bags for the children to desserts, pizza delivery, homegrown vegetables, paper goods and drinks.

Delphine Roussel, Naegar's daughter-in-law who, along with her husband, Kristopher Naeger, led a procession of evacuees to the home of her husband's parents in Cape Girardeau, said the evacuees felt very welcome and the treatment they received was really heartwarming. "They were overwhelmed with kindness. Besides the food they really appreciated the prayers," she said.

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