Letter to the Editor

Making highways safer for riders

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

To the editor:

As a year-around motorcycle rider I want to thank the Missouri Department of Transportation for its hard work. I recently rode Highway 34 between Piedmont and U.S. 60 and knew that work was being done on cutting the wood line back from the roadway. But to my surprise, MoDOT repaved the road and, most importantly to me, added rumble strips to the centerline of the road. I wish it would do this to more roads in Missouri. Though much is stated about speeds of vehicles and other issues, as a rider, the most dangerous aspect are people crossing the center of the road on a curve. And I've witnessed this happen at high speed or 20 mph.

I've also seen people run off the road and the other vehicle drive on as if nothing happened. If an accident results in the worst case, without a witness it will be written off as "excessive speed" and left at that. By adding these strips, you've give motorcyclist and driver alike that much more comfort that a lazy driver and their bad habits won't pass those strips and cross over into my lane.