Speak Out 9/6/08

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bond not enough

I THINK it's just awful that somebody can try and kill their ex-wife and all they're on is a $10,000 bond. They'll probably get a slap on the hand and nothing will happen to them. That's going to give all these crazy ex-husbands out there ideas.

Obama out of touch

I have a news flash for Barack Obama. John McCain's not the one out of touch with the middle-class working people. It's Barack Obama. I used to be a Democrat or an independent, and I'm looking at the whole situation saying Obama's out of touch with the working-class people. It's not McCain.

God and America

I WANT to comment about the Republican convention. I notice they keep singing "God Bless America." This has got to rub salt in the wounds of the Democrats. I mean, remember what Obama's preacher said, "God d--- America." What a difference it is to hear people praise God and ask God to bless America.

Obama's family

I WOULD like to hear Obama, something about his family. All I have ever heard is he was raised by his mother and grandma. I wondered if he has any brothers or sisters or whatever happened to his father? Why doesn't he ever mention his family?

Letters from home

I LIVE out in the country with my elderly husband and there aren't any relatives or friends close by. When Sam Blackwell writes his column, I feel like he's writing a letter to me, and I really enjoy it. Sam, I just wanted to let you know. When I moved to Missouri I didn't know about ticks, chiggers and so on. It took me a long time to take a walk in the woods. Your letters are so wonderful. Please keep them coming.

Qualified and articulate

AFTER WATCHING Sarah Palin speak at the convention last night, not only is she qualified, she's articulate, she's funny and she's nice. Wow. I've never seen a lady politician who was nice. This lady ought to be at the top of the ticket. She ought to be running for president. She's wonderful. Hey, I'm all for Palin.

Disband advisory board

I READ in the paper about the county road and bridge advisory board all the time, and you hear about the residents who have paid the county to have their roads paved, have got easements done, then they're all lost, the roads weren't followed through. It seems to me like they need to sue the county and at the same time, they should disband the road and bridge advisory committee. This advisement is not much. They want to do a bunch of roads, but they don't get any of them signed up to be done.

If the tables were turned

CAN YOU imagine what the right-wing media would be saying about Barack Obama if he had selected someone as his running mate as ill-qualified to be president as Sarah Palin? In fact, I'm willing to bet that most Democrats are a lot happier with their candidate's judgment than most Republicans are with their candidate's judgment.

Pro-life, pro-war

I AM confused by the Republicans. Why do they consider it killing to remove a fertilized egg from a woman's body but not killing to send thousands of young men and women to die in a trumped-up war in Iraq?

Palin was great

AFTER LISTENING to Mrs. Palin, she is great. I, too, had problems about her until I heard her for the second time. Things she did as governor for Alaska, saving lots of money for the state, plus several things that Obama never talks about. She helped with the oil situation.

Economy not that bad

I read Speak Out comments about the so-called bad economy, and then as I travel around Cape or Jackson I see every expensive restaurant full of customers. I think to myself, I feel sorry for these people eating out all the time, they can't afford to cook and eat a meal at home. The main problem I see is that people are now spoiled and can't live without cell phones, computers, Internet, new cars, etc. If this was truly a bad economy, there would be more penny-pinching than there is.

Congress controls economy

I have lived through many presidents and have rarely seen one make a difference to my standard of living. The best years I have had financially were the Reagan years and the worst were the Carter years, but I don't give them either credit or blame. It is always Congress that controls the economy.

Fun in downtown Cape

Some people may find this hard to believe, but my wife and I spent a whole day without going into Wal-Mart. We went to downtown Cape Girardeau and spent some time in the antique shops, ate at Pagliai's Pizza, spent time in Broadway Books and Roasting coffee shop, bought some shoes at Bob's Shoe Service and walked in the park. There is a lot to do in downtown Cape Girardeau. Try it out.

Thanks to life saver

I would like to personally thank the wonderful lady that saved my life. On Aug. 20, I passed out in the Cape Girardeau Wal-Mart. There was this woman who helped me, and little did I know she really saved my life. I have high blood pressure, and it was really high that day shopping in Wal-Mart. Her quick thinking saved my life. I spoke to the Wal-Mart staff hoping to get her name, but no luck. This woman handled my purse and stayed with me until help arrived. She talked to me praying to keep me calm. I would like to personally thank her.

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