Letter to the Editor

Bush does flip-flopping of his own

Friday, September 10, 2004

To the editor:

The Bush-Cheney campaign must be having fits. It orchestrated a campaign of lies about John Kerry and tried to paint Kerry as a flip-flopper. Then George Bush goes on television and suffers a fit of flip-flopping honesty.

The Bush-Cheney machine has tried to convince us that the Iraq invasion was designed to combat terrorism. Military aggression against an enemy that is already desperate enough to plan suicide bombings is just ridiculous. What kind of a threat can military action be to individuals who are already prepared to martyr themselves? Trying to bomb terrorists into submission can only serve, as it has done, to promote terrorism -- exactly the opposite of its stated goal. Nevertheless, the Bush-Cheney folks have been touting the Iraq war in their fight against terror -- a war, they have been telling us for months, they are winning.

For just a moment, Bush came to his senses. Breaking from the prepared script, he confessed that not only was this military effort not winning the war against terror, but that it was not possible to win such a war. His campaign team had a fit. In an act of futility, they tried to make it consistent with their campaign claim.

Within a day, Bush was back on the reservation. Recanting his lapse into honesty, he again touts the party stupidity that his efforts were winning the war against terror. Now who is flip-flopping?

E. AYERS, Sikeston, Mo.