Speak Out 9/3/08

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hillary changed

THIS IS in response to the person who called Speak Out saying that Hillary Clinton had been a Democrat her entire life. This is untrue. She was a Republican turned Democrat. About the time she went into college is when she made the switch. If you need to know the truth about this, read "The Truth About Hillary" by Edward Kline.

Show of respect

I WAS emotionally touched Thursday as I left Alma Schrader Elementary School. Every morning the school plays the national anthem. Today I saw three roofers across the street stop, remove their hats, place their hands over their hearts and face the flag during the anthem. It was a wonderful sign of respect and pride, not often seen these days. I only wish I'd had my camera. It was a touching moment.

Credit goes to GOP

I'VE BEEN watching this convention and Bill Clinton, they keep talking about the economy and a balanced budget under Bill Clinton. Let's set the record straight. The only reason he had a balanced budget and surplus is because it was after Newt Gingrich and the Republicans took over the Senate and the House. That's when he got it. He had said that there would be deficits forever, that we would never have a balanced budget. When they took it over, they forced him to sign the balanced budget for that year. So let's set the record straight.

Blame goes to GOP

THIS IS in regard to the article in Speak Out about the Republicans blaming the Democrats for the way the country is. I don't think that's true. The Democrats try to pass things through Congress and the president never would sign them. So we're just getting blamed for something the Republicans didn't want to sign. I think you look in the other direction, where the real cause is. We don't need four more like we had the last eight.

Gas prices

I JUST returned from St. Louis and was startled to see the price of gas still so high. In numerous different towns in St. Louis, the price of gas was no more than $3.36. Just wondering why the Southeast Missouri OPEC still has the price of gas hanging around the $3.50 mark. I guess it's because there's no true competition on the price of gas. That's the price of living in Southeast Missouri, I guess.

Draft horses

WE'D LIKE to make a correction on the Mangels family article in Thursday's Speak Out. They star in the draft horse competition, not the draft car, although I would put them in the same league as Dale Earnhardt wiping out all the competition. They're really something. Everybody come and watch them.

True-blooded American

EVERYDAY THERE'S someone in Speak Out condemning McCain for his seven houses and giving a couple to the poor. He spent years as a prisoner of war. What did Obama do for his country? There is no way I would vote for Obama. McCain proves to me that he is a true-blooded American and God help us to elect him. A true American.

Mall needs better stores

I just read that Steve and Barry's is going out of business. I think the mall could definitely benefit from some better stores. As a mom of three children under age 10, I would love to see them bring a Children's Place clothing store to our mall. I think they could make a fortune.

Setting record straight

It's a minor correction, but the record needs to be set straight. The Speak Out claim that Senator McCain contributed 28 percent of his income to charity is incorrect. His wife made the contribution, and it was 28 percent of her income.

His wife's thing

ACTUALLY I think if John McCain knew just how many houses he owned that would trouble me more because it would show that he's that vain. As it is, I think this is his wife's thing because I think she came from a home that was fairly well off growing up, a lot wealthier than any of us. She's used to those kind of things. But John McCain, he's sort of a common man. In Congress, he's always showed he cares about us, and he's more than just about his houses and it never was an issue before because he always did a good job in Congress for the people he represented.

Movie character?

Mccain's vice presidential pick, Sarah Palin, is the governor of Alaska. She likes to hunt and eat mooseburgers. If she is elected, she might make fine fodder for a movie by the Coen brothers.

Not qualified

I am a woman and a democrat, and this "affirmative action" choice of Sarah Palin is exactly what high-achieving minorities and females are against. She should have to reach the high standards that the office of VP demands. She may be a competent governor of Alaska, but she will never be able to represent our country on an international level. We have to remember that if elected, she will have the strong possibility of becoming president, which is something that being a mayor of a town of 9,000 does not make her qualified for.

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