Speak Out 09/09/04

Thursday, September 9, 2004

Really big show

THE RIVER Campus is supposed to bring more tourism to the area by attracting big shows and entertainers. The Convention and Visitors Bureau says that it will have a $1 million surplus. Just what is a surplus? Some people want the CVB to spend the money on something big to attract more tourists. You can't get much bigger than Luciano Pavorotti performing at the new Bedell Performance Hall. Or how about the London Symphony or the Bolshoi Ballet?

Christian bands

I'M 36 years old. For this City of Roses Festival, I don't understand why we can't have Christian bands besides all these rock bands. The community might like that.

Fantastic job

THE CONSTRUCTION crews working on Highway 72 are doing a fantastic job of cleaning up after their work. When they take down a house, it's no time until they have grass planted. It really helps the motorists to not be inconvenienced.

Costly tickets

I AGREE that if the SEMO District Fair board wants crowds this year, it needs to do some recalculating and lower those prices. My family won't be able to afford to go.

Pay back the money

IF THE government paid back all that was borrowed from the Social Security trust fund, there would be no problem.

It grows on you

WHEN I moved here seven years ago, I found the clock in the middle of Main Street a distraction. But it's one of the things that you come to treasure, such as the courthouse building on the hill.

Not-so-cool school

MY DAUGHTER is a student at Franklin Elementary School where the air conditioning has not been working properly for the past two weeks. If this happened at the high school, the students would be going to school half a day. Fix it.

Still getting by

OBVIOUSLY THE author of the "Your own fault" comment has not reached retirement age and has no concept of what it is like. My husband and I worked all our adult lives and saved every week for our retirement. We had no idea that when we were ready to retire he would develop terminal cancer, which we fought for many years and wiped out all our savings. Now I am a widow living on a very fixed income. Although there is no money for extras such as a new winter coat, I manage to live without asking anyone for help. Thank the Good Lord, if I did need help I wouldn't have to ask someone who feels like this person does. Don't criticize the rest of us until you have been there and done that.

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