Letter to the Editor

Election is also a moral decision

Thursday, September 9, 2004

To the editor:

The decision we make in November is much more complex than just deciding between George Bush and John Kerry. We are not going to fix this mess with just one election. It will take two or more elections. It goes straight to the moral roots of our society.

Do we continue to hope a politician will give us a better tomorrow? We have done this for 40 years, and see how immoral some of our laws are? Or do we vote for the best of the worst this time, send a message to Washington that we follow the Lord, get rid of the most important issues (abortion for now) and trust that the Lord will help us find a way to help the social issues in the future?

Whom do you trust the most: a politician or the Lord? The Lord promises that what you give you will get back tenfold. Do you follow the Bible or not? We must change the path we are on or it will continue to get worse.

If we make a strong enough showing this time, no politician will ever again support abortion or any other immoral law. Next time we can vote for a candidate with the best plan for social issues. The Lord will see to it that we will not fail. He will be with us..

If we fail, we will have more immoral laws and court rulings. Please spread the word that we can make a huge difference in November.

GERARD MACKE, Leopold, Mo.