Holden leaves proud mark in Cape

Thursday, September 9, 2004

Gov. Bob Holden commemorated the opening of the Marquette Towers in downtown Cape Girardeau with kind words about the city's leadership and a speech about the importance of historic preservation. The day was marked by blue skies, a flag-whipping breeze and the sound of jazz music. Several hundred interested community members streamed into the office complex for a look at the brilliantly restored lobby and a trip to the top floor for dramatic views from the elegant balconies.

Tribute was given by all to the governor, who described his love for saving historic Missouri buildings as part of his "bones and fiber." A recitation of the buildings saved by his executive order to privilege historic sites for state offices underscored that he put that love into action.

Holden will leave a proud mark upon this state in many places, including Cape Girardeau. All one has to do is drive downtown, where the Marquette stands as proof of that.

The United Way has kicked off its annual campaign with an ambitious goal of raising $1 million. KFVS12 general manager Mike Smythe is this year's campaign leader, and he's doing an excellent job. There are dozens of people who volunteer countless hours to help local families through the United Way. For someone with a full schedule at his day job, Mike is at the top of the list. And the value of KFVS's assistance with campaign videos and promotion would be difficult to quantify.

Giving to the United Way is one of the best and most effective ways you can help improve our community. There are few things I do-- love my wife, give to my church, respect my parents, for example -- where I feel as confident that I have done the right thing. Your help is needed.

Every dollar counts. If there's not a way to make a donation where you work, you can call the United Way directly at 334-9634 or go to unitedwayofsemo.org.

I want to thank the employees of the Southeast Missourian and Concord Publishing for taking the challenge and donating to the United Way. We're still doing the final tally, but the total raised will be more than $30,000. That's more than double what the company gave a few short years ago. I'm proud to work alongside a group of people who believe that giving to others is a vital part of life.

Jon K. Rust is co-president of Rust Communications.

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