Speak Out 8/29/08

Friday, August 29, 2008

Homeless donations

A SPEAK Out caller was referring to McCain's houses and said he should give at least one or two to the homeless. McCain gives better than 28 percent of his income to charity and Obama gives 1 percent, his wife, 4.7 percent. I think somebody else should be giving away their money to the homeless which they advocate for so much, not McCain.

Interview tactics

IT SEEMS that CBS is really promoting one of the presidential candidates. I saw a supposed interview that Harry Smith was having with this person and mostly it was an opportunity to give this person, seems like 10 or 15 minutes of air time to do his electioneering because Harry sat there most of the time with his finger in the ear, looking at him and didn't say hardly anything. So it was not an interview, it was a talk situation that presented and gave this candidate a lot of free air time on TV.

Spay and neuter

I AM so sick of the free-for-the-taking ads being full of kittens and puppies. In the words of Bob Barker, people, spay and neuter your pets.

Innuendo in commercials

SO MANY commercials today and programs too, but especially commercials have to have some kind of ridiculous type of display of people on these that has nothing to do with the product and most all of them have some sexual insinuations about them. I think these people should know that may entice some people to buy their product or use their product, but as far as I'm concerned in my family, if we are already using that product, we quit and we certainly don't start because of that type of advertising. Most times I turn it off or mute it and won't even listen to it.

A reader's choice

IF YOU don't like reading Bob and Callie Miller's column, don't read it.

McCain's view

THE THINGS I find abhorrent about John McCain not knowing he owns seven houses is that when homeownership comes so easy to him that he doesn't even know how many he has, how can he possibly understand what it's like for those of us losing houses at a heart-stopping rate? And no, not everyone purchased houses above their means. Most got caught between adjustable rates shooting their mortgage payments skyward and unimaginable utility bills. This isn't a problem of irresponsible buyers, it's a problem of adjustable rate mortgages and elevated interest.

Explain lemonade

AS FAR as people bringing their own lemonade packets when they go out to eat, if you go to a restaurant, you're supposed to drink there. However, if you have dietary restrictions that make it necessary for you to pour that lemonade powder in your water, explain your actions to the server and tip as though you bought a drink.

Relating to column

BOB AND Callie Miller's column is a hoot. I look forward to it every week. I don't happen to find baby poop or cow manure disgusting. When you think of the many varied ways babies can get you, anyone who's been around babies can relate.

Millers should grow up

I FEEL it my duty to speak out about this. I, too, will be dropping my subscription to the Southeast Missourian after 29 years if the Bob and Callie articles that are very disgusting and crude do not stop. These people should grow up if they want to be productive citizens of our county.

Column was hilarious

I'M CALLING to disagree with the Speak Out caller that said Bob and Callie Miller's column of Aug. 17, the Sunday before, was totally disgusting. I thought it was hilarious. In fact, I cut it out and saved it, showed it to my daughter and friends and we all laughed and laughed. This is real life. It was a funny spin on it and I think that's what we need more of.

Love the paper's look

THIS IS in regards to how the paper's looking. Love it, love the new designs and to the person who called in about the ads in the paper, it makes you wonder how they think that you get the extra money to keep the low cost of the paper going. And the other thing about Bob and Callie Miller's column, how they talk about poop and stuff like that. I found it to be a pleasurable thing because it took me back to the days of when I had my children and that's all your life had to focus on, is your children and where you were at then. Some people need to get their head out of their heinies and start reading things. They might be surprised at what they might learn.

Gone bonkers

Writing that there is a desperate need to drill for oil in Missouri right now if not sooner leaves no doubt that the editorial board has gone bonkers.

Convention cynics

Back to square one. Obama supporters should not be concerned about the lack of a convention boost for Barack Obama in the polls. Voters have become so cynical about these scripted and staged party conventions that they actually cause a drop in the polls for a party's candidate. Thus, Obama will take a hit and, soon, so will McCain.

JHS student unhappy

As a senior at Jackson High School I am very unhappy about the new changes this year. Due to closed campus lunch, I eat lunch at 10:30. I eat the food from the cafeteria where my cheeseburger buns are hard and my cheesecake frozen. I would like to see Dr. Anderson and the rest of the school board eat lunch at 10:30 then go to work and not have a chance to eat until they got off work at 9:30.

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