Football begins

Friday, August 29, 2008

Tonight in towns all across the state, a sense of adrenaline-laced urgency fills the halls at area high schools as we are now only hours away from the kickoff of the high school football season. Chatter at area coffee shops will reach a crescendo. Band members will be mentally marching their steps. Coaches will be pumping cautioned confidence into their players. Players will be stewing and anticipating the game, their responsibilities of living up to their town's name. Parents of players will be praying for safety.

We recognize and embrace the traditions that surround the Friday night pageantry. But more, we recognize and embrace effort, competition and community spirit. The boys in all of our towns have worked hard to get where they are tonight and will give their all for their communities. And they're not the only ones. Hundreds of other athletes in other fall sports have dedicated themselves to punishing athletic commitments. These boys and are all to be commended.

In all the hype that surrounds football in our cultures let's never forget the human beings under those pads, students who happen to play a popular sport. Good luck to all tonight. Have fun. Play hard. Play well.

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