Movie review: Annoying sorority girls hit the big screen in "The House Bunny"

Thursday, August 28, 2008

In "The House Bunny" Anna Faris stars as Shelley Darlingson, a girl that lives in the Playboy Mansion until she gets kicked out for being 27 years old, too old for the "Hefmiester." Once out of the house she stumbles upon a university and decides to become a house mother for a lame sorority that's about to be kicked off campus. She is then tasked with turning the nerdy sorority girls into popular girls in order to save the sorority. Trust me, you've seen this script a thousand times and everything happens exactly the way you expect it to.

I'm just going to go ahead and say it, this movie is annoying. It's not Anna Faris, though: I can deal with her obnoxiousness and stupidity. I've seen her act the exact same way in enough movies that I've have grown accustomed to her. What makes this movie annoying is all of the idiot girls in the sorority. They say and do some of the stupidest things ever — it just drives me crazy. I know they are supposed to be somewhat annoying, but the movie is still supposed to be enjoyable.

And not only were the girls stupid, but all of the guys in the movie were complete tools. I'm not really sure what the exact stereotype of a college guy is, but judging by this movie, they are pigs who constantly walk around with their tongues hanging out. I'm sure they portrayed men like that on purpose, considering this is kind of a chick flick but, come on, you're making us look bad here.

If you can get past all the bad stereotypes and stupid people, there are actually a couple of good things about the movie, the main one being all of the cameos. Since this movie is a Happy Madison production there are some great appearances from people who are always in the Adam Sandler movies, including my favorite, Nick Swardson. Also making appearances are sports people like Dan Patrick, Matt Leinart and Sean Salisbury. And that's funny because most girls probably don't even know who those people are. Sorry, did I just make a bad stereotype?

To sum it up, this movie is bad and actually kind of irritating. Sure there's good joke every once in awhile, but not nearly enough to make up for all of the annoying people in the movie, including Hugh Hefner — who is an absolutely terrible actor, which is just strange considering he plays himself.

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