Getting fit to walk down the aisle

Sunday, August 24, 2008

With all of the work that goes into planning a wedding, who really has time to work out? You. Not only will it help you physically prepare for the wedding, it will help mentally, too. Area fitness trainers offer some tips to effectively toning up and chilling out for your special day.

Amy Sutherlin, fitness manager of Health Point Plaza, said hiring a personal trainer is one of the best ideas for brides to be looking to shape up for their wedding. Especially if you have certain goals to reach in a certain amount of time.

It helps to have someone keep you on a path that makes sense, she said.

Our trainers work with the clients based on their goals, be it preparing for a wedding or a marathon, Sutherlin said. "We tailor to the clients."

It usually takes about six to eight weeks to see results of toning or weight loss, so Sutherlin suggests getting started shortly after a wedding date has been chosen, which includes planning a fitness routine to meet the desired goals. Keep in mind, she said, you still have to go through all the dress fittings.

Sutherlin also suggests doing things that lower stress levels, such as "any of the mind/body classes."

Yoga and Body Flow are two offered at Health Point that she suggests.

Stock photo A steady workout routine leading up to a wedding can help you prepare physically and mentally for the big day.

"Anything to keep focused and centered and feeling good about things," she said.

In March, FitnessPlus began a fitness program targeted specifically for upcoming brides. "Fit Brides" is a personal training program for brides whether their wedding is in six weeks or six months, explains Fitness Plus personal trainer, Cassie Kipper.

The program also includes a bridal party package so the bride can get fit alongside her bridesmaids, maid of honor or her mother.

Kipper said they have discussed different options to include with the Fit Bride packages, possibly having different wedding-related vendors come in during the group classes to give a short presentation. It gives the local vendor some exposure and the future bride different ideas on planning her wedding.

As far as getting fit for the big day, "one major tip is to be consistent," Kipper said. Steady exercise will help you get in shape, de-stress and make you feel better, she said.

Kipper said she hopes the program will help brides get to the gym without added stress and make the wedding planning process run more smoothly.

She suggests the best way to keep a steady work out schedule is to make it a priority and plan it out ahead of time. Just like you plan to meet with your cake decorator, plan to exercise, she said.

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