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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nice and cool

WHAT HAPPENED to global warming? This has been one of the best Augusts ever.

Let boys be boys

PARENTS, TAKE heed. I just read the article on ADHD and was reminded of something I was told many years ago when my boy and girl were small. I was told boys learn differently than girls. Girls are OK with sitting quietly in class with their books. They are often grossed out by various learning experiences. Boys, on the other hand, learn best on their feet, elbow deep in sheep hearts, crickets and worms. We're trying to force a round peg into a square hole with all these meds and hours spent sitting and trying to do as we ask. They just can't do it. They're boys, and they learn like boys. They've even lost the outlets of recess, lunch and P.E. Until we wise up and do as the rest of the world does, educate boys and girls separately, our boys will continue trying with all their might to change that which is inherent in them. Many will fail. All will lose self-esteem, motivation, and hope for the future.

Let them eat cheeseburgers

I HEARD where St. Louis removed cheeseburgers from the school menu. How ridiculous. A cheeseburger is two slices of bread, cheese, which is healthy (go Wisconsin) and if they use real hamburger versus some pressed-out crud, then it's nutritious for the children if they actually do it on a grill (although I know schools no longer do that). Before they stop things on school menus they should take a survey of the parents and let the parents decide -- a written survey with an accurate count because I know I would much rather my child eat a cheeseburger than a lot of other things they serve. You know, there's a reason there's McDonald's, Hardee's, etc., because people like places like this.

No news on TV

I WOULD like to comment on the KFVS12 news at 10. I work all day but usually sit up to see the 10 news. If the weather is on three minutes into the telecast, that means there is no news. Most of the half-hour is commercial after commercial. Often the same stories run for three or four days in a row. I find it hard to believe there is no local news in the four-state area.

Sweeping not necessary

WELL, THE street cleaner was on the job at 8 a.m. Wednesday and the streets didn't need it. We could save manpower, gas and money by not running these big machines.

Campaigning on openness

I FIND it interesting that Commissioner Jay Purcell spends a lot of time talking about open government now. But anyone who knows him understands it is just a campaign slogan.

Smokey locale not good

I DID not attend the Heartland Idol contest. I actually had no idea that it was being held at Show Me's. I believe that was an inappropriate place for minor children, where they would be exposed to smoke. In the future they need to be thinking of some other location.

China isn't only threat

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS don't scare me so much coming to America, especially across the Mexican border. However, I wish the United States would quit dilly-dallying and get this fence built so we can a message: No more. But what does concern me is people don't understand the dynamics of everything working against American jobs here. Yeah, China's a threat to take away jobs, but there are other places, too. Jobs are being outsourced to Costa Rica and even Poland. My spouse is concerned because they can hire two Polish workers for the price they can hire an American worker. So don't think it's just China out there getting U.S. jobs. There's other countries at play here who are sucking our jobs away.

Thank you for meals

THERE'S A group of people in town who prepare and deliver the meals on wheels for people here in the community and these people are deserving of a lot of thanks. Their time, their car, their gasoline and I just want to say thanks to all the people for developing this program.

Study more, work less

I AM concerned about our children's education. Local restaurants are working our children until one in the morning, then they have to get up and go to school. However, there are no laws against this unless they are 15 years old. But again, what is the difference between a 15- and a 16-year-old? If our children don't study and make their grades, our jobs will go overseas to those who do.

Celebrity status

Barack Obama has achieved celebrity status. No one denies that. Being a celebrity is a double-edged sword. We love to love celebrities. But we also love to resent them and often love to relish their fall. Whether or not Obama can benefit from this status in his quest for the presidency remains an open question. Personally, I see nothing wrong with qualified celebrities being elected president. Celebrities like JFK and Ronald Reagan did just fine.

Blame upbringing

While I certainly understand the grief of a grandparent, I continue to be baffled by the complete and utter lack of any personal responsibility on the part of many parents and relatives of young adult and juvenile offenders. It's the courts' fault or the victim's fault or some other excuse. A person's personality is set by the age of 5, when they have for the most part been influenced by their family. Also, in the case of most offenders, there have been problems for years. I'd like for these family members to start taking responsibility for their own actions or lack thereof before first trying to change the system to suit their own feelings. Remember, the Bible says we should remove the plank in our own eye first.

Need to be involved

The law says No Child Left Behind. That means that they're all supposed to be up to speed academically. However, the law is not applicable to teachers. Therefore, there is no basis for a recent parental complaint about teachers failing to keep them apprised as to their child's progress or lack thereof. The bottom line? Find out for yourself.

Local area falling behind

Our failing schools in Cape and Jackson need a wake-up call. We have long had a sense of smug satisfaction that our region was superior to the rest of the state. At one time we probably were. Now that is being challenged. This crisis can only be solved in one way. Parents need to look in the mirror. Parents need to work with their children to make sure that they are really learning their lessons. Parents need to make sure their children read, get enough sleep and have the right priorities. Enough talk by our parents. It is time to act.

Beware the pro-choice VP

I agree with Rush Limbaugh that if McCain chooses an abortion rights running mate, conservatism (as defined by the once-powerful GOP base) is dead.

Kudos to Golden Eagles

After recently visiting Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, we were fortunate enough to get tickets and see the Military Tattoo there. The Southeast Golden Eagles were the big hit of the show. The audience response was quite loud and enthusiastic. We were very proud of our homegrown talent and the way they represent the USA here in Edinburgh. Congratulations to all who are involved in this tremendous venture.

Don't mess with world

The idea that Bush has succeeded at anything other than hastening Armageddon is ludicrous. Iran is not a success, it's the next campaign of the war in Iraq. We have not done anything at all in Korea except continue to patrol the DMZ (or did we already lose those troops?). Russia and Georgia are sovereign states. We are not in any position, nor do we have the right, to dictate to either of them. It's that schoolyard bully attitude that is making the U.S. such a hard sell outside this country. Frankly, I'm starting to get a little tired of it, also.

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