Tossing a winner

Friday, August 22, 2008

Last week 2,000 people attended -- with more than 1,100 competing -- in a state horseshoe tournament in Scott City, sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. The three-day event, which drew raves from all involved, helped raise funds for local Catholic charities. Organizers and participants who came from across the state should be proud of their success.

The competition is held in a different location each year, and the planning process is significant. The Scott City Council began its planning in November, and volunteers began setting up the 208 pits nearly three weeks before the start of the event. The fun wasn't contained to the horseshoe competition, however, with a dance and cards tournament also part of the festivities. Plus, eating Southern specialties like pork steak, fried chicken and biscuits and gravy were also popular pastimes. Games lasted all day with only a break for Mass.

Nearly everyone who spoke to this newspaper commented that the event was "just good old-fashioned fun." And it was, the kind of fun that makes August a little livelier in these parts, while doing good for the community in its support of local charities. All involved in the organization of the event -- starting with the Knights of Columbus -- deserve congratulations. It was a ringer!

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