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Speak Out 8/20/08

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Winning tactic

CAPE GIRARDEAU County Prosecuting Attorney Morley Swingle said 1st District Commissioner Jay Purcell is trying his beef with the county commission in the court of public opinion. Swingle is correct. Though he might not admit it, he also knows that by doing so Purcell is winning.

A paper tiger

BECAUSE OF his shoot-from-the-hip invasion of Iraq, President Bush has come to be perceived as a bully even though he has gone the diplomatic route with success in North Korea and Iran. However, the U.S. decision to avoid war at all costs with Russia at the apparent expense of Georgia will have many, neoconservatives mainly, portraying the president and our nation as a paper tiger.

Running red lights

EVERY DAY I have to go through the William Street-Mount Auburn Road intersection. And every day I see multiple cars running red lights through that intersection. I am sitting there with a green light waiting for three or four cars to finish running red lights before I can go. What can be done about this?

School supplies

I HAVE two children, one at Jackson Junior High School and the other at the high school. My daughters are required to purchase supplies for the classroom: tissues, sticky notes, wet wipes, particular types of markers. Some teachers require the supplies and count it as an assignment. The supplies are used by everyone in the class. The children have seen unused supplies and asked about them, and the teacher says they're keeping them for next year. Last year, while waiting for my daughter in the parking lot, I saw a teacher carrying two boxes of tissues to her car. Isn't this stealing? I asked the principal about it, and he assured me none of his teachers would do this.

Evacuating in Florida

IT WAS great to see the people of Florida taking responsibility for their own well-being by evacuating ahead of the hurricane instead of staying put and looking for the government to hold their hands.

National treasure

IF ANYONE is interested in saving the Delta Queen for future generations, please write to or e-mail both of your U.S. senators and your U.S. representative. The only time they listen is when they receive a large amount of mail on a certain issue. Here is your chance to save a national treasure.

Costly crossing

IN REGARD to the railroad tracks in Jackson: I once enjoyed a ride on the rails as a child but do not feel the lives of my children will be affected by never riding that train. I do, however, feel that my vehicles receive unnecessary wear and tear going across those tracks, no matter how slowly you go. I think Jackson would receive much more support if it gave a tax credit to all residents for the repair costs to our vehicles.

Civil conversation

I LIKE Pastor Rick Warren. He wants the citizenry and the presidential contenders to have a civil conversation about the issues. Basically, he wants us to communicate in ways David Limbaugh (through his columns) doesn't.

Contest morality

THE PRESIDENTIAL contest is in large part a battle between moral absolutism and moral relativism.

Basket case

I WANT to comment about the closing of the clinic in Cairo, Ill. This was done by the Chicago and Springfield politicians. They've raised taxes in Southern Illinois. There's no industry. They've driven out all the jobs. Illinois is a basket case.

Recreation path rules

IF YOU'RE going to use the beautiful recreation path in Cape Girardeau, please read the rules. Whether walking, jogging, biking or roller blading the rules instruct you to stay to the right. That way those passing should always be able to pass you on your left. Adhering to these rules keeps everyone safe. Twice tonight I was almost in an accident because people are not following these guidelines. If I had been coming around a blind curve, both parties would have been seriously hurt. It's a wonderful thing the city has provided for us. Let's keep it safe and enjoyable for everyone.

No backing down

CONCERNING THE Russia/Georgia issue: This is getting scary. George Bush is making threats that he cannot back up. Could this be his Bay of Pigs? He is no JFK. Russia is no tiny country like Iraq, and it will not back down. This could be the beginning of the end if we don't restrain Bush.

A few bad apples

TO CONDEMN all of us who work for Procter & Gamble peacefully and harmoniously each and every day of the year because of the actions of a few bigots -- of any color -- is plain ignorant. P&G goes out of its way to see that minorities are treated well. Those who would try to gain financially by bullying and threatening are the real issue here. A calm, cool look at the entire situation is needed, and the end result might just be the discovery that there are a few bad apples in any and every barrel.

Beautiful yard

KEN GRIGSBY'S yard on the corner of Cambridge and Valley Forge Lane is really beautiful. I enjoy the lovely yard. He works in it all the time. Thanks, Ken, for all your hard work for our pleasure. You deserve some recognition for your efforts. Thanks a million.

County accountability

REGARDING THE Southeast Missourian's coverage of county accountability, it's sad to say that most officers do not show up for work. If the Missourian would watch, it would notice that most of the time the elected officials are not in their office although the women who work in those offices can't say anything. They cover for those officials. Just ask and you'll find out.

Progressive city

NOW THAT Marble Hill is being progressive enough to allow golf carts on the street, Cape Girardeau needs to step up its game. It needs to be even more progressive not only by allowing electric golf carts on the street, but also requiring a solar recharger on the roof of the golf carts. That way when you drive to the grocery store, the golf cart can recharge itself while you're shopping. Now that's progressive.

Courthouse security

THE OTHER day there was a story about security at the Cape Girardeau County Courthouse in Jackson. One way you could accomplish this would be to make the doors at the south and west side of the courthouse exit-only doors.

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good morning everyone

how does one go about finding the e-mail address(s)

for U.S. senators and U.S. representative ?

Pirates 4 , Cardinals 1

-- Posted by ..Rick on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 8:01 AM

thanks for helping my dumb *** out !!

-- Posted by ..Rick on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 8:36 AM

Evacuating FL

Its a tropical storm NOT a hurricane. My family is down there and they are just fine. Rain and some wind. Nothing major. They are about an hour away from the tip on the Gulf side. So far its not as bad as it sounds, but maybe that will change now that it has done a "boomerang"

-- Posted by lovemyfamily on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 10:02 AM

i don't know about school teachers keeping supplies for next year....that sounds a little far-fetched. but i do know they try to conserve the supplies to last all year long. also maybe the teacher brought the tissues in from home and decided there was enough. why is everyone so quick to judge?

-- Posted by lovemyfamily on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 10:11 AM

What Clinic is closing in Cairo?

-- Posted by bobby62914 on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 10:18 AM

Me'Lange ,

it was proberly designed by a woman ....

i think u got a better chance then any man would

of figuring this out ....(j/k ..lol)

-- Posted by ..Rick on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 10:27 AM

In the beginning God created the heavens and Earth!

Then he created man.Oh and later woman!They got in trouble with God and were removed from the garden.

From then on they had to take care of themselves.

Tribes were formed and all was shared!Men hunted and women cooked.Each tribe shared food with each other and

all other needs.In that respect I suppose we all have a very LIBERAL ancestory!Things have sure changed in the past 10,000 years aint they!!It wasn't long before they realized they needed to conserve,and the result was the Republican way of thinking.Shortly there after tribal wars took place and to this very day they continue.Me thinks we need a new plan!Obama,Mcain..

what a couple of bad jokes!

-- Posted by GREYWOLF on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 10:30 AM

Progressive city???

Marble Hill is far from being a progressive city. There are still those that are in control and refuse to make changes for the better. They have been in there post for years and the only thing that ever get's done is for those inside.

However there is Hope for Change! "Wow", where did I hear that at?

Now that Mr. Lacy is on the board. Things won't be so easy for them to hide behind. Unless that is, you take in to account Mr.McCain, and not showing up for the meeting on the 18th. Seems things were just to hot for some to have to deal with. Still the meeting ended up not passing a higher tax code and table the increase in water bill. Thanks Mr.McCain for not being there to vote. Now could you pull that stunt again?

It's our hope that Mr. Lacy, will continue to ask the hard questions. Turn stones and dig deep. The city Administrative Assistant, needs to answer to the board why nothing is or has been done. Another park is not the answer. We proved that with Pellegrino and the pool. We can't provide the up keep for them! How in the **** are we going to provide the up keep for the new park?

-- Posted by Service1 on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 10:37 AM

There seems to be a bit of confusion as to what "MSM" stands for. Hmmm, in my circles, it stands for Marxist Stalinist Menstruation (MSM...see?!!) propaganda machine and, yes, it is heavily biased to the left, meaning socialist & communist turkies. Where FOX "Fuse" fits in to the MSM is unclear, since they dabble on both sides of the spectrum, I suppose to at least offer an annoying choice. Then, of course, you've got the uber far-left toilet bowls of Commie & Nazi Nuts (CNN) and MSNBC (what can I say...the hate, propaganda & entertainment outlet for pink room corner-sitting droolers!) for the IBH. Of course, like the Dem-soc primaries (well, heck, even still), puds like CNN & MSNBC keep trying to butcher each other; typical among socialists...keeps 'em paranoid about their own ilk. At least all this mess can keep ya guessing about what equates to real news...keeps ya on your toes, and can be fun!

As for this "neo-conservative" nonsense going on. So what? If "neo" means new, then welcome to the human race, no matter how ya got there! You might have been a Lib-soc who finally saw the light (nearly impossible to return from the dark abyss if you're a committed hard-core socialist, or communist in a rush) or, God forbid, heard Hannity's harp...I'd prefer the drum! Or perhaps you're a leftist Jew who finally got the hint that socialism has not exactly been warm and fuzzy to ya in the past. Hmmm. If that's the case, where a reformed leftist Jew found a "neo" way, do we have a little anti-semitism going on among some of you on the left?

Come to think of it, is there such a beast as a neo-Lib-soc??! Having some fun now, huh boys & girls?!! Burma Shave.

-- Posted by Herr_Hauptmann_DES on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 11:55 AM

Blah Blah Blah. Liberal evil, Conservative good. So old and tired. So done with this place.

-- Posted by Pups on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 12:55 PM


OK, let's see if I got this "neo-conservative" labelling gig down and dirty...'cause I luv labels, acronyms, abbrevs, etc, as kind of nifty "shorthand" methods for, like DES might say, track-and-ground ops, whether the PC speech/thought-control nazis like it or not. Are ya saying a neo-con Jew is just faking being a conservative, kinda like RINO's fake being Republicans who, as a Party, are not necessarily conservative anyway; or hows about Lib-socs who've been whacked by reality faking conversion to conservatism? Just kinda messin' with ya for fun & non-profit!

Speakin' of messin', I suppose we could have such an animal as a DINO (Dem-soc-in-name-only)...perhaps RINO or neo-con infiltrators to their herd, faking being leftists? I'm certain infiltration has at least been going the other way...tried and true tactic. This is confusing...maybe o.d.'ing from coffee.

Say, here's another one for ya. How about CINO, for Christian/Catholic-in-name-only (interchangable) when they cherry-pick their beliefs for personal or political convenience? For instance, shunting aside their religious values to embrace a major political platform like, say, abortion, which can be regarded as murder for convenience.

Then again, this may be excessive fun that no human "bean" should ever be allowed to have. I just get a little weird when having to contemplate going to do my laps, 'specially on a rainy day...and G-mom hasn't saved me with a Twinky bomb yet!

-- Posted by Herr_Hauptmann_DES on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 12:58 PM


You might just as well save your breath trying to tell folks around these parts about hurricanes. They still insist that everyone can leave their jobs, load up the vehicles and go anytime a hurricane or tropical storms threatens even though it is always a guess as to where it will hit and at what grade. They don't realize how much money it costs to evacuate in terms of hotel rooms, gas and food not to mention loss of wages and interrupted schooling.

Of course, when you speak of the midwest and flooding, it's a different story as they expect to be rescued from vehicles and homes despite the fact they were warned that flooding was inevitable.

-- Posted by BABE on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 1:23 PM


Don't much agree with the labeling as it is rarely accurate or truly descriptive; often just a pejorative used to avoid any really useful dialog. I see myself as fairly conservative while others do not. "Liberals" and "Conservatives" are neither "good or bad", just different in most respects. I personally like a balance as both have their good points.

-- Posted by Red_Rhino on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 1:26 PM


I kinda-sorta like history, although not an expert in it. But gotta say, I got a scream out of your rendition of the history of humanity. And your evolution of beer to capitalism, along with that of Libs and Conservatives was tops for the day.

Now, I truly can't believe that any well-emoting Lib-socs will accuse you of slightly "revising" history just a tad...wouldn't you agree?! Now I'm thirsty!!!

-- Posted by Herr_Hauptmann_DES on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 1:38 PM


"As for this "neo-conservative" nonsense going on. So what? If "neo" means new, then welcome to the human race, no matter how ya got there! You might have been a Lib-soc who finally saw the light (nearly impossible to return from the dark abyss if you're a committed hard-core socialist, or communist in a rush) or, God forbid, heard Hannity's harp...I'd prefer the drum! Or perhaps you're a leftist Jew who finally got the hint that socialism has not exactly been warm and fuzzy to ya in the past. Hmmm. If that's the case, where a reformed leftist Jew found a "neo" way, do we have a little anti-semitism going on among some of you on the left?"

Of course you realize that you have hit the nail right on the head. Do you think some of our liberal posters here are ignorant of the fact that neoconservative is a code word of the left to mean Jewish conservatives?

-- Posted by BABE on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 1:40 PM


I can classify you (accurately) many things besides a conservative. Son, you really fell into that one. But keep up the good work, you are giving the local conservative party such a "good" reputation. Laughing....

-- Posted by Theorist on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 1:53 PM


Did you see where Rush made the top 10 hipocracy list on MSN....Wow, you must be soooo proud! You should read it, tis truly well done!

-- Posted by Theorist on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 1:56 PM


Oh, oh. Does your 12:40 p.m. post imply that I (me...possibly even myself!) may have slipped up and leaked out a valid point, while messing around under the assumed protective umbrella (aka,excuse) of the coffee hypes?! I gotta watch out for that kind of stuff, donchaknow?! Someone may inadvertently take me, er, seriously. Can't have that...might be deemed as patriotic, or somethin'!!

-- Posted by Herr_Hauptmann_DES on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 1:59 PM


LOL...no, you didn't slip up or leak anything. I was just wondering, though, if the liberals who post here know the history of the neo-conservative movement. Conservatives have long known that "neo-con" is a codeword of the left to indicate the most hated of conservatives because they were/are Jewish.

-- Posted by BABE on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 2:16 PM

RE: school supplies

use this lesson of confiscation of personal property as a way to instruct your children on the evils of communism.

-- Posted by TommyStix on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 2:25 PM

RE:Contest morality

Adding religion to politics tends to add confusion, but the addition has already been done, so we get to work our way through the results. I perspnally would like to have a more effective government, regardless of size. We need to practice the art of compromise, because in a free country no two people are going to agree on any given set of issues. Compromise, as a way of getting things done, will thaw the gridlock that has plagued our government for too long. Barak Obama seems to understand this. Senator McCain is too steeped in the way of doing business that is harming the economy world wide. Rememer the Keating Five Scandal? Anyone involved in that kind of activity certainly will not get my vote for President.

-- Posted by Bloom_where_planted. on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 2:28 PM

Me'Lange: What are you saying here..."Evacuating in Florida,...

Please give this conservative condescending attitude a rest!"? That only conservatives believe that more New Orleans residents should have evacuated when the Order went out to do so? If so, I might have to beg to differ with you on that one. True, though, that there are always those (ahem) dumb people who decide to 'ride it out,' using one excuse or the other for doing so. Oh...and whips might be okay for the guys, but I'm thinking Bethie might agree that we gals would rather be the whippers than the whippees.

wow, GREY! "Tribes were formed and all was shared!... In that respect I suppose we all have a very LIBERAL ancestory!" What a super story! But you're right; times have changed. Now, some of the 'tribes' share what they have with the less-fortunate 'tribes' which have no desire or incentive to to do well enough to be able to share. Hmmm...

Progressive City--Marble Hill

No one has a problem with MH paying $1,500 a month ($19,000 a year) for copier rental? Or was that a misprint in the newspaper? If true...it is ludicrous to think that a little town such a MH would need the kind of copier that would require that kind of money. If true...then this is just one case of the town's 'leaders' having their priorities skewed. And yes, MHBC-spy, many of us are hoping that Clint Lacy is able to bring some sensibility and responsibility into the town's government. He'll be bucking a tough Good Old Boy attitude, for certain.

Have to run now...back to yours later, Instructor! Maybe...

-- Posted by gurusmom on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 2:36 PM

School supplies

At the end of the school year teachers are require to vacate their rooms. This does not mean that what they take home is going to be used personally. It will take up space in the teachers home until the beginning of the next school year. Some of the ways of motivating students to contribute supplies seem inappropriate, on the other hand we should not be expecting teachers to contribute these things out of their personal money and time either. Sounds like some clarification is needed.How about public funding for the classroom, similar to athletic program support?

-- Posted by Bloom_where_planted. on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 2:37 PM


Now, I seem to remember you posting in this forum of Marble Hill flooding and cutting off the road to the pharmacy where you needed to fill pop's prescription. Since this could have been a serious situation (I assume all was well) did you consider evacuation?

-- Posted by BABE on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 2:58 PM


Are you sure Fox didn't say 'brain dead'?

-- Posted by BABE on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 2:59 PM

Running red lights

"What can be done about this?"

1. Sit there and do nothing, but accept the fact that people will do anything to go home.

2. Hit the gas and T-bone granny in her SUV. You did have the right of way.

3. Follow the lawbreaker home and make a citizen's arrest! Then hope that the guy doesn't beat your rear for being a mamby pamby whimp.

Oh decisions decisions.

-- Posted by fajar154 on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 4:02 PM

Recreation path rules

Watch out for those "Blind Curves." I almost hit an old lady, with a walker, head-on! If wasn't running 5MPH instead of my Breakaway Speed of 7MPH there would have carnage across the trail. I would not have been able to put my right foot further out in a dodging fashion.

Please, situational awareness. It saves lives.

Where do these people get these things to complain about?

-- Posted by fajar154 on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 4:09 PM


You are right, CGPD is now having Patrol Officers come in on their days off on a voluntary basis to concentrate on stop sign enforcement.

-- Posted by Red_Rhino on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 4:25 PM

hello everyone, how are things in Mo?

Haven't read any postings hoping to do that tomorrow, just cking to make sure we have everything up and running.


-- Posted by Aggiefan/Twiggy on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 5:04 PM


glad to hear that Donnie and his family are doing well. We are slowly but surely getting things unpacked. Still have quite a bit to do, since my knee is still messed up I'm having a problem with the stairs abit. I will be sending out our new email later on to those who I have email addresses for. I will tell Aggie, when he gets in he's working long hours again, so not sure how late he will be today.


-- Posted by Aggiefan/Twiggy on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 5:33 PM

It's official now, Ohio Rep Tubbs has died, and I didnt hear it on Fox.

-- Posted by changedname on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 7:34 PM

That's Rep Stephanie Tubbs Jones has died, sorry for the name not being complete.

-- Posted by changedname on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 7:37 PM

Re: progressive city

Allowing golf carts on public roads could be called many things - but I just don't think that 'progressive' would be one of them.

Re: running red lights

Just be thankful that golf carts aren't legally on Cape streets, yet? It could take so long for one of these marvels to run a red light, that it might be green again before it clears the intersection. :-)~

-- Posted by fxpwt on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 7:43 PM

Eh, sorry - nothing but cartoon images coming to mind, envisioning Grampy Geezer romping on the pedal to get his EZ-GO across the intersection at a speed measured with a calendar instead of a Timex.

Hopefully the cart is equipped with the highly desired, and much sought after, optional Fred Flintstone booster feetholes in the floorboard :-)~

-- Posted by fxpwt on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 8:22 PM

Perhaps if one chooses to use golf carts for transportation on the roadways - a better saying might be, "where this is the way, there had better be a Will".

-- Posted by fxpwt on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 8:30 PM

Re: Winning tactic

Perhaps a case of confusing 'doing the right thing' with 'doing things right'.

-- Posted by fxpwt on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 8:56 PM

Tell me where you do your laps, Herr, and one day when you arrive you'll find a case of Twinkies waiting for you. Aw, shoot. Twinkies are probably considered Liberal treats...sigh...

BABE, about Marble Hill's flooding, as relates to evacuation: The roads are flooded for a day or two. Meanwhile, anyone with a real medical emergency does has access to transportation/and or help via boat/helicopter, and in some instances, even the fire trucks. The flooding on the streets is deep enough to keep automobiles from driving through, but usually not too deep for the latter. Incidentally, we DID evacuate for the 1993 flood. And yes, it costs money...however, it was our money which paid for moving our furniture out to a storage unit and for our motel rooms for several weeks--NOT the taxpayers' money. It was our flood insurance that paid for the damages to our home, NOT the taxpayers' money. Sorry...it's a little bit of a sore spot for me, after seeing many FEMA recipients in our area being better off after the flooding than they were before it--and then usually criticizing FEMA for not having given them 'enough.' Incidentally, between the Red Cross, Salvation Army & various charitable/church groups, there was help for people who couldn't 'afford' to evactuate...Assuming there are resources such as those in other areas of the country which are prone to natural disasters.

Twiggy! Good to 'see' you again! Hope things are falling into place by now, enough so that you can get a little well-deserved rest. Hugs to you and Aggie.

-- Posted by gurusmom on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 9:18 PM

Saw the griping earlier today about Fox News prematurely announcing the death of Rep. Tubbs. The AP has a story out now saying CNN, CBS, Fox and some newspapers ran the story based on an incorrect AP report of her death. AP corrected the story after about 14 minutes. Evidently the report was based on info that came from some Dem politicians.

-- Posted by stevmo on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 10:39 PM

Golf carts

I must be the only who thought of this, but walking will save more money on gas than the purchasing a bunch of golf carts.

I'm paying for (not anymore) the city worker's services so get a stepping.

-- Posted by fajar154 on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 10:40 PM


Hurricanes are different from flooding such as in 1993. The coasts might be threatened with hurricanes three, four or five times in one season as the storms are so willy nilly in changing directions of land entry. So one can't realistically run every time but must make calculated decisions whether to evacuate or not. Rescue is much different than evacuation. And about the insurance issue, it is sad that the majority with it in a major hurricane are denied because the companies will haggle over if the damage was wind driven or water damage.

I'm supposing the poster in SO was talking of Katrina in his/her comment on help from the government and the people of New Orleans as portrayed on tv. Remember that it was the failure of the pumps (government maintained) and not the hurricane that caused death and destruction.

I'm glad to see you mention 'our' area having their hand out for Fema, too, as it does happen here despite folks protestation that it does not.

G-Mom, sorry for the rant but this is a sore spot with me, also.

-- Posted by BABE on Wed, Aug 20, 2008, at 10:44 PM

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